Changing Channels

If you look clearly you will find that our minds are riding on a big roller coaster. Making turns time after time finding something interesting and then at the next moment boring.

Wouldn’t you find this at your side also? Our mind never stops resting. It has its own desire that never gets filled. You have something in mind, you went to buy it and soon after some time with it, you get bored and on the next thing.

We all hear that the true goal of Human life is Happiness, isn’t it? But don’t you think this is going to wrong way. Aren’t we going more towards the material Fulfilness which we can never have?

I also have the same doubt as my human instinct reacts to thing that I don’t have rather than the things I have. Making it seem like, I am running towards an endless fog. Controlling it is tough, you know!

I like being happy as it feels me with energy but it isn’t the same with things.

The Topic is Changing Channels as it means like the T.V, our minds seem to roam around changing the channels on it, own.
It doesn’t matter if we stop it or whatever but we can do one act, to change the greediness of this mind towards something useful.

Maybe taming the bull for its final course. Taking its help to reach the state of mind that you only wish was possible.

The state where finally your dreams are fulfilled. Anyway, don’t judge me by this. I was never around this state. Although I do try to fight it. It never went good!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed the post.


Why do we write?

Many people have asked me the same question, the same over and over again as I share my posts with them. They told me that I should have studied at the time when I get to write. I try to make them understand that they didn’t understand.

Now the biggest thing, what if I tell you that The “Many people” reference is actually me only. Yep, it’s correct. My mind sometimes does question my Intention of this thing. Whenever I have spare time, I always think what would have been the best topic to write about. I push my mind to think.

Sometimes, I do not find any topics at all, but most of the times, I get so many things crossing my mind that it causes me Insomnia (It’s also due to my college friends).

I write because whenever I see wrong things happening with people or anyone and also because when I see the wrong mindset of a person I couldn’t directly go and talk about this to him, so I prefer that I post it on the Internet where someone would be benefited from it.

There is a lot of bad out there on the earth, lot’s off and it is true that we can’t stop all of them. People mindset develop after years and years of living and they just couldn’t leave them just by reading some posts. It couldn’t make them feel something.

But often I think that if there is a younger me on the internet who finds this post maybe he will have a broader mindset than me.

This is the reason, I post and also because it really takes the stress out of my mind and makes it clear. LoL

I really want to know the reason you guy’s write on WordPress. I will be waiting for your guys response so please comment your feelings.

Until then , Sayonara!!!

The Poem of Life!!!

A Traveller goes on adventure

Without knowing the directions!

People mocked him

Knowing their own limit!

The road was beautiful

Unknowing the direction!

The traveller went into history

Finding things that never felt afterwards!

He founded the things that he had never seen

He saw the scientists doing inventions!

Preparing the world for future endeavours

But also saw the politicians using them as war weapons!

Not as future but for killing their own selves

He went farther into the past!

Looking farther as his legs can go

He saw the fight between the kings!

Making the people believe unreal rituals

Making them believe they have a fixed destiny!

That they can never change

The traveller started understanding the things!

That once he never understood

The mindset of people are due to some old fools!

Their is Freedom, there is romance

But for some who can never get these!

always stay a clash between the free thinkers!

The traveller kept on going and going

but soon he also got confused by the changing nature of humans!

That once worshipped the trees and the god

but now just using them for winning debates!

But Finally the traveller understood

That maybe this is what humans are!


to use things when they are at their peak

and leaving them when their time went by!

He went up to a statue of a king

and carved his name beside of that!

Maybe his words can reach all of us

That life is just a bunch of games!

As we win if we smile and

loose if we cry!!!

Thank you for reading as this is the first poem I ever wrote and I promise the future ones will be more better than this.

Until then Sayonara!!!

Different Choices of Life!!

How many times all of us are stuck in a mid path that leads to 2 direction , unable to think which path will suit us more. We surely are confused. I am living example of that.

I have the option of taking Engineering and Medical in 10th class, but everyone said I should take engineering because it has a safe side. Even though I liked biology. I did Engineering.

Then after I didn’t qualified for competitive exams in 12th, I had the option for dropping as well. That means for 1 year I had to study the same thing I was worse in. So  I decided not to drop .

That moment came again when I had to decide which stream I would like to join whether Software engineering or another stream. I personally liked Aeronotical Engineering but due to the peer pressure I had to choose Software engineering.

Sometimes. I  am  so desperate to see that I couldn’t even make the decision of my life. The feeling is so devastating, its like swallowing me from inside.

These choices, damnit.
I will always thought what would have happened if I would have taken a different path.

But I always try to do better and learn more than others in these cases. However worst the path are I always strive to learn.

All roads however bad seems to connect nowadays. But now I feel confident that no one can give me advice to choose a path. This time it’s all on me.

I prefer to do blogging, writing, programming at the same time rather than mugging up the syllabus.

Thanks WordPress for taking up my frustration and thank you all for reading.

Hope you liked it and really would like some advice for friends rather than relatives. So please comment.


The Power of Believing!

Guess Who he is? That’s right, everybody knows him. He is Elon Musk, but for those who don’t know about him.

Elon Reeve Musk is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer. He is the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc. co-founder and CEO of Neuralink and co-founder of PayPal.

According to the people, he is the guy who dreams of the future and has the power to make it true. He is famous even in our country India. Students think of him as the man who will make the impossible possible.

Now let’s introduce this person

Now many of you may know him, if not, his name is Nikola Tesla. He is the man who invented the 20th century.

It’s my job to tell y’all about him also. You see Nikola Tesla was a man with great intelligence and imagination. He didn’t become famous like other scientists but if he wasn’t around everything we have around us wouldn’t have been possible.

From alternating current to different types of motors and from Radio to Wireless Communications. Nikola Tesla was the one person who imagined all about this in the 20th century.

When Thomas Edison became famous by inventing the bulb, he was too proud of his invention. There was a time when Nikola Tesla went up to Thomas Edison to share his ideas about the Alternating current but Edison didn’t want to change his ideas. Tesla tried to persuade him but all went in vain.

When I read the Biography of Nikola Tesla, I learnt that this man had lived the life that no inventors wanted to live that of a life full of miseries. The man who invented so many things was never quite respected because his imaginations looked like a fool’s dream to many people.

So there, Two people who had Ideas and worked vigorously to change the world even if society didn’t believe in them.

That’s what we all want to be isn’t it?. But do you think we require all the attention and comments to be successful . No guys it is one of the biggest mistake we all commit. It all comes from inside of us, not from anyone else, so stop crying and wailing and start working on what you like.

No one helped Tesla in his entire life but he continued to do what he wanted regardless of others, believe that. He didn’t work to get famous or so, he did it because he wanted to do it. It was a thing that his mind was set on.

It doesn’t matter whether if you are a scientist, engineer or anything else, all that matters is your dedication and passion towards your job.

Elon Musk is an example of what society accepts after someone else in the past did the same work of passion. So keep Imagining and do what you feel is right regardless of others!!!

  If you about me? Mine is blogging and sharing about what I know and get to know. Well, here’s one of the best things happened with me since I started blogging and I promise to keep going. Although it’s just a number but still.. *winks*

Thank you so much for this and apologies for late from my side!


Oscar Schindler

We don’t know the world that is out there just by sitting still, we gotta search for it.

Recently I watched a movie called Schindler’s list and I thought it will be good if I shared that information with you.

Let me share the journey of this Legendary person that I just got to know about. His name is Oskar Schindler.

He was a member of Nazi Party at the time of Hitler’s Rampage.

This man had done the work that gives him the post of God.

No matter how much dark there is, there will be always someone that will carry on the torch.

This man was the one person due to which there were Jews survivor after German Holocaust.

He was a successful businessman and could have lived on a great fortune even if he did nothing but what he did separate him with every other. The story is started at the time of Hitler’s invasion on Poland and the persecution of Jews.

You know what, I really couldn’t tell you about him without actually you actually watching the movie. Here is the link

I really couldn’t stop crying after watching this movie because I really didn’t know there are these types of humans still I didn’t know about.

So here it is, take out 3 hours of a day to watch this movie that will tell you about the power of a single person and then comment back So I can say more.

“People Live their Lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That is how they define “Reality”. But what does it mean to be “correct” or “true”? They are merely vague concepts… Their “Reality” may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to be simply living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?”- Itachi Uchiha

So, I hope that you will watch this movie and remember my words This is one movie you never wanted to miss in your life. Thank you for reading!!!


At his 10th birthday they met.
He looked with his glittery eyes and he cried happy tears.
They became the best of friends anyone will ever know.
As clock struck 2, he runs towards door and stared to the end of the road waiting for the van.
He comes back from school and both plays for hours ignoring dirt of uniform and loosing track of time.
Promised never to leave each other alone.
At the age of 22 he got a job.
He looked back at the airport but he didn’t look to him, both hiding their tears.
Destiny is such a strange thing.
He was diagnosed with cancer and had only counted days to live.
He heard his best friend’s agony on phone while riding and lost track of balance, hit the railing of the speedway.
God listened to the promises made by the innocent child to never leave each other alone.
Hope they are now playing above the clouds, he throwing the ball and he pouncing to catch it.

What did we humans did to deserve dogs as our best buddy?

Hope you liked it. *Fingers crossed*