The Unwanted Future(Poem)

Hey guys, as everyone requested this is the 2nd poem that I have written. You can Enjoy this poem on my new and own website also. 

So, We humans are the pinnacle of our race!

But everyday I see a sorrow on our face

It was your mistake, we all shout

But never had the time, too see ourselves

Einstein, Newton and Mother Teresa

Was they good ? I thought

But after seeing Hitler, Osama, Saddam

and North Korea (now a days)

Do We do have a doubt?

Maybe I have a lack of experience on these

Maybe this is the way we should live!

But after learning from John Keating

I really thought, there was a freedom in life

But little did I knew, Humans mind everything

Are our beliefs are so weak

That we get hurt by some punk statement

All of this Ego and selfish act

Turn down on this day, Is this Judgement

That after 2000 years

We do fear war

Is this the pinnacle of our race?

Thank you for reading this poem as I really wanted to take out my frustration on someone and what is better than a good-old poem.

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The Grandfather Paradox!

Do you know what the tittle means? It is an anomaly thought by many theorist who think of traveling through time.

Let me explain in easy words: Suppose you traveled through time to the past. In the time where your grandfather used to live. Now think by some incident, someone killed your grandfather.

Now suppose, you want to return to your time or according to present(Grandfather’s time) to future(Your time). How will you return? because now as your grandfather is killed, your father wouldn’t have been born and as your father, you also wouldn’t have been born.

This is a big confusion isn’t it? If you know little bit of math it would be easy, suppose you start solving a equation and by time you also got the solution. Now, think you want to check the solution by putting it in the equation and somehow, the equations has been changed. So by this they solution wouldn’t have any value isn’t it?

The solution wouldn’t have any value just like us when we change the past. So, we are anomaly at this life. This is the thing which is still confusing many scientists all across the globe, if somehow this problem is solved.

We will be able to travel across the time and we will find all the missing pieces of how the earth came to be or how the Universe come to be?

So, let me know how you think how of this post and if you have any idea of it, please share, I will be waiting. Check out the wikipedia for this.

Thank you for reading and until later, Sayonara!

Tribute To Indian Army!!!

It was the day of 14th of Feb, the all famous valentine day. The whole of our nation was in good mood when an unfortunate thing happened. That destroyed many of our families.

Militants of a terrorist organization crashed theirs SUV with a bus of the army who were returning towards the border. The SUV contained about 300 Kg of explosives and when that crashed, the whole army bus turned to ashes.

44 army men were killed and many were gravely injured. A terrorist organization claimed the responsibility of this attack.

Even till now, the whole nation is in shock and anger but the people who are suffering the most are the families of the great men.

I never will understand what type of ideology do these terrorist have. Are Human lives so easy to kill? Is there no value to it. The families of those people will now forever cry. What mistakes did they do to see this momement.

There are many people who work for themselves and feed their families but there are some who see the whole nation as their family and even then, they deserved this?

It has been 72 years since the independence of India. But even after all these years the sneaky attacks of our neighbor keep growing. We were the followers of Gandhi, who said to preach non-violence so that one day, even the enemies will understand our feelings.

But isn’t going to far. Why does the one who cares about the Nation’s people and risk their lives have to die?

Even till now, the terrorist are accepting that by doing this types of attack they will go to heaven. Is it true? At some point I used to think that the most expensive thing in human world is a life because it is not so easy to give life rather than to take one!

I am sorry but this time I really don’t have a conclusion because I don’t know whether they will stop or not. Will there be a day when the ruthless killings will be stopped. Will there be ever be a day, when no father or mother have to cry to see their dead son.

I don’t know all of this but I certainly want something and believe me, that is revenge to all those people who pulled up this incident and those who try to harm and destroy the peace of our Nation.

Maybe this is the time when we have to abort our non-violence scheme because as I have seen They are not going to improve at all.

May their soul rest in peace

When do you think people die?

When they are killed with bullets?

Die with old age ? or when they fight in wars?

People die when they are forgotten.

So, never forget these who died to protect us and even now, they are not willing to back down.

Salute to Indian Army!!!

Our Precarious Future (A.I)

No matter how much I like to view Artificial Intelligence in good way there will be always who see it as the ending of human civilization.

I have been a fan of A.I since a quite time now but when I reached college, I thought this is the time that I have to do something about it. I have to learn everything about it. So at first I started watching YouTube for it and god!. There is a hell of hatred towards it.

Sure there were people who saw it as a good thing that is revolutionizing the world and it will be always helping us. Every professor said this line at the ending “A.I are just tools to help us humans. it’s up to us whether we use it for our wellbeing or other’s destruction”.

But a question pop up in my mind whether we are controlling them or they will be controlling us, remember it’s never about them, it’s always about us.

See around us and observe there is Laptop, Smartphones, T.V and quite gaming objects available. Do you think that non-living things can harm us ? Well think again and see that how human are obsessed over them. Harming their eyes, playing non-stop daily, removing every social-life and becoming a maniac.

I got that it comes up to the choice of us, that whether we can use it as per our wellbeing rather than discomfort or destruction.

A.I will be a very important tool that is available now in a very small quantity but it will soon be available over the place making the work of humans quite easy.

Some people say it will take the jobs of humans. Well, sure it will take that job but it is certain that it will also open many new and different job sector for them.

As many say, History repeats itself . See the industrial revolutions and many other’s, it will destroy some jobs but soon make places for many others.

Now it always come down us to how to use it, whether we let them take control over us by loosing our self or we get benefited by it.

Many people say, it will lead to new type of war and I really don’t know what to say about it. There have been already two World Wars and many massacre between us humans due to land, religion and many more reasons. Do you think a machine can cause more?

I am currently learning machine leaning and if anyone of you know much about A.I course, pls help me to reach a certain level as I really want to learn this beautiful topic. I will be waiting for your comments.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have watched these movies, The Matrix, The Terminator, I- robot and many more. These are awesome movie and I really want to prove them wrong.

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Do you know what Enigma is? It was a high-tech machine created by German cryptographers during the W.W.2 regime, that secured their conversations all over.

Before it was taken by the army, the main aim was for business people, who use it for securing their transactions. After several alteration, it came to use for the army.

During the War, several countries tap the conversations of others to lead them help but it was known that this German security was impenetrable. The Enigma made their security so invincible that other countries were unable to do anything.

This is what normal people know now let me tell me the interior story.

There was a so-called traitor in German who had hands at all of the blueprints and keys of the Enigma, he knew that the war was near, so he chooses to send every one of the blueprints to codebreakers in Poland.

Their code breakers work continuously to find a solution for it. The code breakers in Poland after breaking the Enigma soon found out that Germany is invading Poland. So, whatever secrets they had, they send it out to Bletchley Park in England.

When England got the papers they were surprised that Poland’s codebreakers were able to break Enigma. As the war broke out throughout the cities, the Enigma was upgraded again.

England invited their most talented Mathematician, code breakers and puzzle solvers at one place, ‘Bletchley Park ‘ to break the invincible Enigma.

Out of them, there was a person called Alan Turing.

Credit to Wikipedia

He was a little different, different in many aspects. Talented as he was, he wanted to create something totally different as ever before. He wished to create something that was never thought on earth at that time.

He knew that Human Brain was able to run at a certain limit and no further, so he designed a machine to overcome that limit.

The main function of that machine was to break the Enigma very easily .

After some time, he completed his machine and today those advanced machines are called Computers. Yes!!

He was the first person to device such a machine that could that so many calculations at simultaneous at that time.

It is called that due to that machine, the Enigma was finally broken, and the conversations of Germans were easily known to all. So, the war ended quickly.

It is said that the invention of that machine ended the war 4 years before it was predicted to. Saving countless lives.

Anyway, none of these was made public that made this great invention unknown to others. And soon after it, Alan Turing was found to be homosexual.

At that time, a homosexual was found to be a criminal. So, according to the courts, he was given the medication that leads him to illness and one day, he did suicide.

So, One of the greatest minds of human history died due to such BS reason. In 1970’s, finally, all of this news was known to the public.

There are so many persons that have hidden talents throughout our world. Only if we wish to try something new than sticking on a same old thing. The world will truly develop.

It is not only about the Humans, but Nature has also thought us that only the fittest will survive, isn’t. The one who doesn’t believe in impossible things were never able to see the future.

My Blog Title is also Time- Enigma as I believe it that just like Enigma, there is no such thing as impossible.

Thank you guys for reading and I do hope you enjoyed the post. Until then

Sayonara 😁