Failure – Moment of Happiness or Sadness

I won’t call it as a task of bravery or anything but I really didn’t expect it. Presenting the 1st backlog of my carrier that means I failed one of the exams of my college.

Just as I got this news, I was horrified as the friend who told me about this passed in all the exams and here I was, So Confident of my belief that it won’t have any effect on my self.

But as I talked to more and more friends I learned that all of them passed. Now, this hurt me, I wasn’t accepting this. My whole birthday party ruined.

Thousand of thoughts are crossing my wind every second. “If only I got passing marks” , ” It doesn’t change my life” and a second later “Now, I will have a big trouble , a scar for my life”.

I really treasure this part of my life. It keeps changing. There are some parts which don’t change like the love for my parents, my devote towards my passion of writing and learning A.I but what keeps changing is the current scenario of my college situation, I may act strong today but I will tell you the truth “It hurts”.

I think it is mandatory for everyone to learn pain in their life, It really seems easier while studying other’s biography but in your case, situation changes.

Pardon my Childish brain. But even in this case I promise My passion won’t be disturbed. Let the game between my passion and problems begin. Now, the problem is small and it is sure to be high but I will be happy. That’s for sure and long as I have you guys with me.

Thanking for reading the state of my mind. Wish you a happy day. Peace!! If you got time check out my new website.

Till next time. Adios!!

Should we have smaller dreams ?

You May Call it as a beginner exp. or so. But I am seeing it for a long time.

In one of my classes a student asked the teacher that why are we studying the subject that we haven’t chosen, or we have no interest in.

Contrary to my expectation the teacher said that “It doesn’t matter what we want, we are simply getting ready for the industries, we do what the industries ask us so that they finally hire us”.

Well, I think that if we humans were having this type of mentality, we would never go beyond the cave. Sorry if you are hurt by my words but this is what I think.

Is this the whole purpose of life. Well, I won’t run on these things. If there is a thing that is called Innovation, I will make a run for it. I will set my dreams higher, even if that means impossible for others.

I know many people will think that this is a common thing or the teacher was saying reality only and yes maybe they were but I was really disturbed by the fact that he submitted that there was nothing we could do to be different.

All hail the soul of Einstein and every other Scientists who tried these foolish things. Yet here they are trying to shussh down the dreams of others by telling us to be industry ready and be dependent on it. Really?

These funny people’s narrow point of view is never gonna penetrate my thick skull to dim the fire inside me. You also be careful with those voices.

People who helped you!

We all have many people who have helped us to reach this path we are on. People who have helped you in making who you are now. We all have them. It is not necessary that these people must be a family member or so. They can be anyone from a bystander to a person seeing in movies or to be read in a novel.

They have helped us by giving us a sense of knowledge. The path to know the truth. The path to be Happy. You can’t imagine where you would be without them.

I also have people like them and as I said beside my parents these are the people who have really given my path, my roommates in college, an anime series called Naruto, a tv series called Supernatural and reading my first novel by Dan Brown. They all taught me something that others couldn’t even hope to. Beside enjoyement, they have teached me ideology that wishes to help others and to be kind and to be courageful and to be curious..

They have made up my mentality and really I couldn’t imagine where I would have been without them. It is not important what other people think of them but it’s important what you think of them.

I will be waiting for your answers on who are those people on which you guys believe in. Show your love in comments. Until next time! Catch it in on my website.

Given a chance! (Poem)

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So, you think you can do something

little different or out of the box

that given a chance you can change the world

by your revolutionary ideas and thoughts!!

You have guts to stand out

and make your presence out to the world

So you leave your comfort zone

to venture out to the uncertain!!

You knew you could fail

but you kept that fear away

because after all you knew

failure is a part of winning, so you stand out!

Now the whole world know you

You have to meet their expectations

Is this pressure binding you

from the adventure to your chosen battle!

Even though there is a thousand book on life

you knew that inside

that no matter how many books you read

in venturing the true experience reside.

Well I can’t say anything more

You have my permission

to show the world there is freedom, joy and happiness

even in the darkest moment of the season!!!

Any suggestions and comments are welcome 😊😊

Thank you for reading soo much. I hope you liked and enjoyed it. Come back again if you like that. Until next time!!!