Breaking the Promise

Did I break it? Was I not able to control myself! These are the questions many asked me after my last post.

Yesssssssss. I broke my promise and again started watching anime. There are no excuses for it.

This is one of the points that I will never forget in my life.

So, it was true that I was not able to control myself. All including myself was blaming these habits. It maybe was troublesome to others but this was a big mistake for me.

I always tried to live my life as a protagonist. Let me explain, whatever I do and I mean whatever I do there is a voice in my head narrating the things that are going along and comparing it to me.

From when I was a child I remember that I never wanted to be normal, whether in a competition or anything. That thing running on me till now.

If you would have read most of my post till now. You would have gathered that I really hate all people who make fun of my dreams or say that I would not be able to achieve it.

Well, it turns out that my new dream was to prove them wrong rather than doing what I wanted to do. Hatred has again started to rise inside of me. My mind is really like that of a writer. Quickly it keeps making drafts of everything that’s been going on.

I try to make amends but it quickly fails cause that’s not what my heart really wants. Yep, it’s true that I am an introvert who really hated reality and quickly shifts to an imaginary world rather than facing the situation.

But I want to improve myself slowly and steadily. Anime is the thing that keeps my heart pure. I would prefer to lose some bad habits of mine rather than losing the things I love.

So, yeah! Sorry to people who I have made sad. It would be pretty bad if I tried to hide it from you guys.

This diary is a way for me to get back into reality, after all !!

Anyway, thanks soo much for reading my posts!! If you liked it, prefer to subscribe to my website and thanks to a certain person for reminding me of this!

Sayonara is back !!!

Weeks after !

I always used to thought that by reading more and knowing in depth about this world will give you a clear picture but is it just me or I find this more confusing. WHO KNOWS !!

After reading through a thousand memes of the unsatisfactory reality of the year 2020, I do find that we all keep our faith and hopes in the person we even don’t know about instead of doing it ourselves. So, I would like that for this year I wanna have more confidence in me.

Less Expectation and more enjoyment, these are the goals for me this year.

Anyway, I always wanted to discuss these things with you guys. As a fellow student of science and also avid reader of mythological books. I often find it difficult to cover all the gaps. I actually find the contracting points quite interesting and I wanted to go more depth in it. So, this year is for the all the missing points, more books, more mythologies and better writing skill.

So, I wanted to know from you guys what points do you wanted to fill for this year. Just comment in the box and I hope that this year will be fantastic for you guys !!

See you guys soon !!


Taking out some minutes during is not so tough but I am really lazy enough for that.

So, sorry for the delay everyone and I wish you a Happy New Year!

You know what I was the type of person who would think that why It has to be Happy, I mean for me from the first day it was considered normal.

But then I read the book ” As a Man thinketh” by James Allen and It was great.

It wanted to express that most of the situation we have in our life is a result of what thoughts we have inside us. Positive thinking breeds positive results and vice versa.

So, I thought let this year be good and Happy for all of us!

I wanna read more and more books, be strong mentally as well as spiritually and also to learn new things !!

I would be so happy if you guys wanna tell me what will be your small goals this year. Tell me in the comments.

And again, A happy new year!