Just Ranting

Hey guys! How Y’all doing? Well, this is my 2nd blog post. I wrote my 1st two months ago back in October. Well I thought many times about writing my next one but due to some turmoil in my head, I just didn’t! Well, I’m writing this post just to speak my heart out.

I’m a 19-year guy who is preparing or better to say is supposed to be preparing for the college entrance exam to get into the country’s prestigious engineering college or IIT to be exact. I passed out my high school this year and was supposed to clear the college exam this year only but wasn’t able to crack the prelims even. So, then I decided that I’ll take this year off and again prepare for the 2nd attempt next year. I just didn’t want to take admission in any other private college or anywhere else. Yeah! That’s best or nothing. But this is not the full story or you can say primary reason to take this year off. The primary reason was to discover what I really want to do. To discover me. Yeah! I know that’s a cliche.

Okay! It’s not like I decided this just in a day. It was a mind clutter built up during the 2 years of the high school. I constantly felt that whatever I was trying to follow it just felt insignificant. I was just following the herd that just wanted to get into a good college after school. You might wonder then why I didn’t pursue what I liked to do rather than going through this mess inside the head.

I was a lazy brat throughout the 12-years of school. I just didn’t try to develop any other skill like painting, sketching, dancing, etc. I was a rookie at them but never tried to learn properly. I only concentrated on my studies and scored A’s throughout the school years and then here I was last year feeling so insignificant and lost. I always wanted to be THE ONE, to shine separately in the crowd. I know it’s cliche. Everyone wants that. I was just wishing this until now but now I want to put in the work to be that GREATEST. But, now the only problem is that I still don’t know what I’m truly passionate about. Although I like certain things to do and blogging is one of them.

I know there are many persons confused in life and feeling lost and having the same or almost similar kind of mess in their head. So, I decided to write mine and share with all of my readers. I’m still confused about whether to go to college or just be a dropout and taste and try different things in life to find what I really passionately like to do. I know I’d have that time in my college years and after that also but it’s just I don’t want to put in the money in college to just to discover that. It’s just not the right kind of deal but…! There’s always a but. I know that and I’m starting on my journey to kick those but’s away. *wink.

Well, guys from today onward I’ll consistently post on this blog in every 3 to 4 days and at most every week. If there’s some topic you’d like me to write, do mention that in comments below. If you liked to read this kind of diary entry thing then do tell me if I should write this kind of content or not.

Peace. A.

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  1. I had no idea what I wanted to do until I started my college either. At school I was totally hopeless and clueless but as I started college things started making sense not completely but little by little it did.

    1. Totally appreciated for that 🙂
      But it’s just I don’t feel like I need college to do that. It’s just I feel like I need to discover that through travelling, writing and other stuffs that I like to do.
      I know I’m kinda mess, heh!!

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