Feeling after the Exams!!!

It is great, isn’t it? The feelings we get after one of the biggest burdens in student life (for a week) is over. 

Yep, you guess it right? I am having the same feeling. Some exams went well to some exams went so bad that I think I will fail in it. I don’t know whatever I do I cant create an interest in some subject I don’t like. it seemed like a waste of time. 

But all we think about is marks. I can ignore that a subject for a long period of time but when the topic of failing in the main exams come up, I feel the terror and guilt for not taking that subject seriously, but again I think no matter what happens this subject is not having an impact in my knowledge.

This dilemma is too hard to solve right now and blog writing is the best way to release it. I guess I will come after some time to this post and think whether the decisions I took was right or wrong. Since I am no professional. 

I will tell you that the subject is EGD (we have to draw some 3d figures over and over again), unlike Maths and science( which are my favourite) it has no logic and goes on by some rules which I would never understand.

But leaving that behind I am happy beyond my limits as now I have the time to read the novels that I was storing for the perfect time. Thank you for seeing this and comment if you have some feeling just like this.

Until next time.

A day In 1st year Engineering

After completing the life long syllabus from nursery to 12th standard, society thought that I had enough brain for engineering. So here I was in one of the engineering college out of thousand is India. Well I never had any bad feelings about anything. I always try to adapt myself in any place.

Engineering is flying place for many of the students who have stayed with their parents from the start. They get the freedom they always wanted to have. No one saying what to eat ,stopping any place to go and prohibition of many things. Every thing is legal is college. You can have your dream life.

Well, I have stayed in hostel during my 11th and 12th standard years so I didn’t have much problem in settling with the hostel life compared to others. Bangalore is a overwhelming place for many students.

As we all have suspected the students coming here were already affected by social networking and Pubg. So conversation is very less among us.

Compared to our teachers in 12th, the teaching felt quite dumb here maybe because the teachers before gaves us knowledge and here all it seems is marks.

No Hobby remains intact in the college as it seems to me, many of my friends who seemed to have fun in writing and drawing left all. “We don’t have time” they told me. Only I take some time out of the 24-hours day for blogging.

The guys here have lost themselves by comparing to one others. Friendship are more for some reason. With whom you see advantage you make friends with. This is the scene here.

Many ideas of startups and acing exams start and disappear in a one day span. But even then the whole scenario is like a show. The conspiracies between people is so amazing.

And one day I asked one friend ” hey, you know I am a writer “. He replies “Yes”. I asked ” did you even read one of my posts even though I share my posts with you?”. Well he replied “Sorry but I have better things to waste my time than reading some posts”

Saying this he continued chatting on WhatsApp. I wanted to tell him but I thought that this journey in college is long enough and I didn’t wanted to waste my energy in arguing and making these shitheads realize their time is being wasted by them.

I hope that you liked this post and if you want the next sequel of it, you have to wait some times.

Sayonara and thank you for reading!!

Wish me luck :p

The Meaning behind festival!!!

Happy Diwali to all.

Hello again and sorry for the delay. This time around I want to talk about my realization. Seriously, doubting yourself is bad but checking your ideas is good.

Not going off the topic, I will state directly what I want to say. At one point of time of my life, my confidence towards God was totally destroyed. All I wanted was logic and fact behind every happenings and I couldn’t find them in every aspect of them. Proof about it was very less and all that remained was stories. In my small mind, my inner-self wanted to find the answer about it. After failing to find any, I was disgusted. So I refused to believe in it.

But again sometimes, your life exactly gives you the lesson you wanted to learn. If you have read this Post you would have found the confusion I was in. The dilemma was too much. But I guess blogging was the best thing to find all the answer I was looking for.

The meaning of God has changed so much throughout time. I don’t know whatever I am saying is true or not but according to me, the meaning was often misunderstood. Who said that to enjoy a festival you have to be a soul believer in god. At least, so many people join with their family on this occasion. Isn’t the reunion worth it? All working people, finally get 2-3 day holiday for enjoying with their families.

diwallib 57

We talk about temples in far land or why we should go there but don’t you find all the adventure waiting there. As we all know ” Journey is more important than the destination”. We all read much thought but we never relate them to our daily life in many matters. Imagine one day, a family thought of visiting a temple on some another place, they took a vehicle to reach there, having enough enjoyment on the journey. Eating, taking a glimpse at wonders of nature and taking halts along the journey with their loved ones whom they never had enough time to pass.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Try to understand the meaning behind everything. The gradual increase in intolerant ideology can harm people as nobody else could. Many of my friends don’t believe in God, does it mean I should stop talking to them. No, not at all. Try to understand Believing in God is not compulsory. Religion doesn’t mean what we understand. It is a way to live on this earth to enjoy, your ideology, your rules. As long as we understand this and try not to hurt the beliefs of others it doesn’t matter.

I am very sorry if you got hurt by any of my words, I never try to hurt the sentiments of others. But I will write what I feel is true and I hope you will like it. Thank you for reading this.

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Sunshine Blogger Award


Hello everyone,

Yep you guesses it right from the picture.

I am so happy to be nominated for Sunshine Blogger award by Optimist Saya. Seriously, for a new blogger for me, I am happy that she considered me for that.

In this generation of hate and war, It’s so happy to see that People never lose hope. This blog is about optimism and hope. The one who respects other’s thought is very precious to this world.

I want that you check out her blog at


The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provides a link back to their blogging sites.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your site or on your post.

Q & A

1. What is your goal in life?

Ans- My goal is that I should be the author of a book which has the power to turn the mindset of people in a positive direction and also stories that fill them with fun.

2. Who is the person you love the most?

Ans- My family. My father, mother and my brother are like a sub actor in my real life story. without their help, I would have never understood the role in this life and again, my grandparents, they have filled me with good values from the start so, I would never forget them.

3. How do you think you will contribute to society via your blog?

Ans- Whatever I feel, what I have realized in 18 years of my life, I write. I know that the world is very big and so people’s actions and mindset changes with surroundings. I want that even if 1 person tries to be tolerant in this world. The other’s person life would be better.

4. What is the weirdest nightmare you have seen till now?

Ans- Tons of them, I told that I wanted to be a writer, but every story I have written till now is an elongation of my dream. Well, this is one of them, I would wake up in a village with my family enjoying a festival with many many people’s in it. and I started to take a stroll when I see tanks approaching the village,I got scared and ran to my family to tell them about it but they didn’t agree and made fun of me. I cried and cried but no one believed me and finally when the tank arrived, it fires a cannon and subsequently, my nightmare break out with my face wet.

5. Who is your favorite author?

Ans- DAN BROWN and JK ROWLING well they are the father and mother of imagination.

6. What do you think about the concept of God?

Ans- Since I lived in with my grandparents in early childhood, I always believed in god. But since I grew up in cities I started lacking faith but slowly by slowly, I learned that there is a higher mystery in it that I can’t explain. Of course, I believe in god now. Always and forever.

7. What is the most powerful thing in this world? Money or time?

Ans- Time, Time and Time

8. Which is your favorite cuisine?

Ans- Kheer and Halwa. I don’t what it is called in foreign, but it is the best in every occasion and if you ever come to India try these.

9. Which great persona you would like to meet if you got an opportunity to meet?

Ans- Masashi Kishimoto, He is a manga writer of Naruto that has totally changed the mindset of mine. This is one of the series that helped me find who I am.

10. Which is your favorite city?

Ans- Vizag in India. The city of dreams and beaches.

11. Do you wish to see the world through my optimistic eyeglasses? (Yes/no)

Ans- Damn yes, I always try to consider the views of other before expressing anything. so yes.

My Nominees-

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My Questions

  1. What is one of your most defining moments in life?
  2. What person or book has influenced you the most?
  3. What can you about the meaning of life?
  4. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?
  5. How do you think you will contribute to society via your blog?
  6. Which fictional character you would like to meet in real life?
  7. What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it?
  8. If you could learn only one magic spell, but it could only do something mundane and boring, what would the spell do?
  9. What would be the consequences of a scientific discovery that extended the lifespan of humans to 500 years?
  10. What is the highest pressure situation you have experienced and how did you handle it?
  11. Which is the country you want to visit most?

Thank you, friends, for all the support you extended to a new blogger like me. I am very happy that I got this opportunity and I will always write a new blog on any topic that favors the human’s mind.

Thanks again Optimist Saya for that.

Well then, Sayonara

–Anubhav Sinha

Things that are hidden from us!

Hey, let me start this one by giving a happy news


Do you know this person?

His name is Abhay Ashtekar, he is an Indian theoretical physicist. He is a professor of physics at Pennsylvania State University and guess what, This person is getting a prestigious Einstein Prize for his contribution to the field of Gravitational physics.

This man is living in America and yet his work is giving proud to both physics and our nation.

But do we all know about it, well no? Of course, I also wouldn’t know him until I checked in science news.

And again, there is a competition every year in YouTube named ” Breakthrough Junior Challenge”. In this, you have to upload a 3 min video on any science topic and if it is good, you will get in the upper league and guess what again 3 children from India got in the finals. Again, nobody knew about it.

Why the people who are making all nation proud but are not known whereas people who always try to demote the level of humanity is one the top of the news. You know, the news is a very important thing, a man waking up going to a job will surely listen to the news before going. Think which is better he learning that our own members are fighting to death taking the name of religion, caste, and other things.

Or that a person is contributing everything to his work while no worry about being in the spotlight.

India is a nation which had many great minds and even now it is contributing important things to science. We all know the list, Satyendra Nath Bose, Ramanujan, CV Raman and many many more. India is a home to many great minds. But do the people know about it, well I am not sure.

The main function of Media is to let the people know about the various things going in and out. These things include news that is good as well as bad. But the situation of modern news is not at all the same.

Every day, we get a debate, a lot of discussions which never had a conclusion and shit things about celebrity life. Why and who started all of this, well nobody knows about that.

All we can do is that read about these people on the internet and we should ourselves feel that India is not only politics and internal rage but also a home to lots of ingenious minds which need our help every day. Try to learn about them and their innovative ideas.

If you want a nation to develop. The one and only method is education. It is the sole purpose. The pain shared through traveling a journey, makes a people compassionate towards another. Call the Education journey, and the obstacles a pain.

Believe, when every person will have a certain level of education, tell standard will keep rising.

If u have interest in quantum physics, one of my friends recently shared a post about that. Again showing that Indians are no less than others.


Tell me how do you feel about this in the comment section and also any problem if u had in your mind. Thank you for reading and share if you like it.

Which is the best thought of the day?

We are living in the year 2018, so many people would have lived before us. Think about the awesome journeys they would have lived.

Everyone tries to find the meaning of life. Every religion has it’s way, many people have their way.

Coming in this world without a “how to live” memo is surely a hard task. From India to Africa, from Australia to America and many more places . People will always try to find the meaning of life.

A teacher once told me ” do as many mistakes as you can, so afterwards in life you won’t be new to that”.

Since we already know that our life is not so long to do everything. We try to read autobiography of many people who have tried that.

I too also have read many autobiographies and biographies myself. Including Swami Vivekananda to Mahatma Gandhi and foreigners including Steve jobs and Jack ma.

Surely people like these are the Legends that passed through hardest time of life to became a driving force for people.

You know, even though I have read so many books, there are many situations I got stuck with. Situations I can’t handle or often got confused.

These daily news that appear causes a rush of ideology in mind. I don’t know who should I believe in. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes the choices are bad.

Then one day I remembered a story that was taught to me in 5th class. It goes like this ” In one region, there used to live a king, a king very powerful and famous for his starve of knowledge. He used to get his education under many different teachers.

One day he suddenly got a resolution to find one teacher who can taught him One thought that is applicable for every situation.

Finally, he got his address. He went to find his master. He did find him and asked his question to him. The teacher told him that he can’t tell the answer now.

Feeling sad, he started to return, but as he took one step, he heard the groaning of a person. He went there to find him. He finds out a person laying on ground with his legs filled with blood. He knew that person, he was a soldier from another village.

The king thought to kill him but suddenly he got pitied by his situation. So he took the guy to the teachers palace and carefully looked for him for 5 days.

Once the soldier health was good, he asked the king why didn’t you kill me when you know I was looking for you. The king said he didn’t had a choice, he was watching a person dying and his heart didn’t want to let a person die if he had a chance to save him.

Spotting this the teacher said You have find the main thing by yourself. When the king asked what? He answered there is never a perfect answer, never a perfect choice, never a perfect Thought. We had to live and make our way through by finding these answers, all of them become good or bad according to the situation.”

I hope you understand the meaning of this and if you any problem , contact me via comment.

Thank you so much for reading.

BRAIN: A notoriously well-behaved child

We all have heard this from our parent or elders that  “this BRAIN is a great asset if you’re the Master but a liability if it becomes your master”. Isn’t it? But does this relationship between us and our brain really work out well if we become its master? I’ll answer it but before that allow me to show you a convo between me and my best friend.

F : Hello brutha! Sup?

Me : Doing good. Wbu?

F : I’m fucked up. This college life is sucking me bad :'(

Me : Yeah, nothing new to hear. Anyways, what’s your dilemma?

F : As you said, just these assignments and all are so much to complete that I’m not being able to concentrate on any other stuffs. This is made even worse by the indicsiplined use of mobo. I was so aggitated that I unistalled whatever games I played and logged out and deleted all social media apps and even turned off app notification of every apps so that I won’t be distracted.

Me : Cool! So this must have helped a lot to cut your time spent on mobo.

F : Nah! It made worse.

Me : Wut!!

F : YEah! Actually now sometimes out of irritation of these continuous works I waste even more time on mobo. Although unintentionally but still and then curse myself for wasting that time. And this is going on since last week!! Tell me what should I do for this?

So how many of us can relate to this kind of daily life dilemma? This is a typical example of how my friend tried to forcefully master his brain to not to use mobo ingeniously and turned out to overusing it! So this imposter thing doesn’t work out anyways! Now what? I’ll again answer this but before that a situational example to make myself clearer.

Consider a 10 years old boy who goes and ask his mom to can he go out and play with his friends in the park. Now there will be two cases of how his mum will react.

Case 1: She’s a strict mother and when the boy asked her to go out and play she tells him to “go study and no play today because yesterday you played a lot”.

Case 2: She listen her boy and ask him to “go study for 1 hour then you can go play with your friends”.

Now the case study.

In case 1, when the boy is denied of playing outside and asked to study he will surely be angry at his mom and won’t concentrate on studying and rather pass time while sitting on studying table and as soon as he gets a chance to slip out from home he surely will run off to play! Such a notorious boy.

In case 2, the boy is given an option of reward for studying 1 hour and then he can go out to play. He surely will study for that 1 hour and then happily run off to ground.

We all can relate to this situation and experience it from time to time but with various kinds of stuff. But did you notice how this is true with our Brain also! Yes! Our mind thinks and works the same way that boy did!

Now considering my friend’s case above and seeing what he did we can understand that after he forcefully tried to stop himself (or his brain) from using any kinds of entertainment stuff on mobo how his brain revolted and in turn he wasted even more time on the mobo. So, what’s the solution then? Will, he keep on wasting his time this way or is there any fruitful way?

Yeah, there is a solution and I gave it above in the case study! We must treat our brain the way the mother did in case 2. We must attach a reward with whatever task we want our brain (or us) to complete. So in my friend’s case, he must keep a reward of using the mobo for 15 mins after 1 hour of his assignment or study. This will help him for sure and he must fine tune this reward system according to his tone of the day. But, this raises another question what if he tends to overuse his mobo and wasting his time eventually?

Well for that my friend there is only one person to ensure that overuse mustn’t occur and that is he himself! Self-discipline is the answer here.

So I hope that I’m able to make my perception of how to utilise your brain productively and in turn even keeping your brain (or you) happy with whatever you are doing or want to do. Simply putting, use the reward system or can say that attach a reward for completing what you may find boring like while studying, doing assignments, project, et cetera. Well, what should the reward be? That’s totally your choice and receive whatever appeals to you the most but with keeping in mind that reward must increase your productivity or at least doesn’t hinders it!

That’s it. Share if you loved it. Comments are always welcome to make my content better 🙂