Is this abyss worth living through?

A new and different idea, just thinking out of the box to be a little different.

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Maybe for changing the mindset of people.

Who knows, how did humans appear, Maybe in the form of unicellular organisms or in the form of Adam, Eve? We haven’t seen how we began, all we know for sure is present.

So many kings, soldiers and other people appeared before us; walking the earth in the same place as we have. Did they have the same thought as well or they just walked through road without thinking?

We are here in this world walking the same road as our predecessors left out for us. Have you ever thought about the problems faced by us are only happening with us? Had nobody ever faced those problems?

If you think you’re alone to facing those problems then you’re wrong. There were people before us and will be coming after us. We are unique but not alone. Why did nature give us such a prominent place in this world? And why are we so special, why are humans so special so that they can turn the tide of nature, while all another being can not.


Maybe Humans can be the most complex things that nature created. We can’t go out of the earth yet we can look at places beyond the earth, determining when did the universe would have formed, or how could we have been formed as soon.

There are so many questions out for us, almost in every field. Yet we are stuck in our base. What if, all of this is a play and we are the actors in it, playing the part that nature has decided for us. If you think properly you will find the relation.

Let me give you a plot. A normal life that we live in this society may seem happier to people who have faced harsh life situations, whereas for people like us, who have constantly lived in this, may not like it at all.

And this is how the story goes. There are good people, there are bad people. There is the feeling that affects us. People choose their lifestyle. And by the time the lifestyle of one person disturbs another. The strong crumbles the weak. Then with time, the strong start to have arrogance on his power. Spotting this, the weak start to unite now, as they have the common motive. Soon, they overthrow the strong, but soon, even in them, a dispute arises. Thus, a certain feeling arises between the people leads to them having a different path.

So, the one thing common in all humans is that they all have the same feelings. What is different is how they perceive them. Love, hatred, anger, enjoyment, boredness, joy, surprise, disgust, trust and even more. Are these things what that make us run?

So, why did all of us get the different meaning of the same line? Why is it we are seeing the same world different? Why can’t people just look at the same thing in the same way? Maybe, different views create dispute and lead to unhappiness.

But is dispute bad? This is a silly question, isn’t it? Actually what is good or what is bad, nobody knows. It’s all relative to the frame of reference from the ideologies of different people. You can see that how nature is related to physics to the deepest of hearts. I will again give you an example.


Did you see the graph, now think that isn’t our lives behaves the same? Sometimes at the best, sometimes at the least.

Sometimes thinking, I often have the question “What makes us different than other animals in nature”. Well, we also go for the same basic requirements like foods, shelters, and others, so what is the difference?

Well, for this we have to look at the history from the start. Thinking of the history as past we can see. We began as a child entering in this universe, naked and not knowing the meaning of life, not knowing anything, we started journeying. Soon, we started inventing things like fire, the wheel and weapons and tons of other materials for our safety and enjoyment.

Then comes the middle era, in this time the kings had the limelight. They shared the enjoyment, wars were fought, one that would be in the history forever and tyranny was in the rise for a long time. Many human feelings were built at that time only. The people were divided by what work they do!

Then comes the middle era, modernization occurred, making the life of people easier. But that feelings were not over till yet. A division was still on the rise. Men, women, caste, religion these things were the basis of division that will hinder the development.

Even now, when we are rapidly progressing in the tech world, there are still those who think all of this is in vain. Their ideology is interfering with us.

Good and bad all of these are thinking of us after a lifetime of experience. Maybe, the experience is the basis of feelings. Lack of experience causes a person to believe in things s/he shouldn’t.

So many problems, so many injustices, so many revolts, what’s in this world is worth living for?

You see hatred everyday in the newspaper and in the surroundings. Feelings are such a heavy weapon. You know darkness is not absense of light waves as it is just that the electromagnetic waves around us doesn’t lie in the visible wavelength. Pain is a feeling we experience when there is a incompletness of certain things inside us and we feel like it must be there to make us feel potent. Anger, hatred, jeolusy, envy, revenge are emotions that is created by absence of feeling of ‘Love’ towards humanity.

Let me ask you “what is love?”. Well contrary to this generation, love is the heart’s desire to protect someone that is precious to your life or you care about. We all have someone or something like that, isn’t it? Our father, mother, siblings or your friends, your neighbour, a teacher, a passerby and many more.

You see don’t try to be self-centered “Value everyone, I mean everyone that comes in your life, they seem like nothing but surely they can give you something”.

These are things and peoples which make our life going and wonderful. Remember, the journey is more important than the destination.

The heart is a very delicate item. It has a mind of its own, a childish one, which always longes for someone or something. No matter how much older we get or experiences we gain our heart will still be the same loving and regretting to something.

You see, The hole in one’s heart can not be self-repaired or by regretting. It can be filled only by other people’s love. By caring and protecting other. By giving the heart an aim to again be a kid and play with someone. Sure, it will take some time but it is the only way.

So after all, there is a big difference between animals and humans. Animals give their young ones to preserve their species and to expand. But humans, do this to extend their love, to pass their will of fire to the new generation, to pass their dreams and interests and the ideas of future.

Humans are very sensitive being. If only, we would try to understand the feeling of others before doing any action we all will have a better future. There is not a new world, a perfect world. The only world there is where we live.

Try to be happy and let other’s happy.

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Nature: A Neighborly Disaster!!!

Let’s continue the sequence of things we are discussing. These are the things we always have but never had the time to value them. But as time goes and they goes away we will do nothing but regret.

This time we will be talking about Nature that filled us with grace every morning are now rare to be seen.

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Image Credit -Varun

The Serenity of Mother is nowhere to be Seen.

Remember the good ol’ days when we woke up by the light of sun and birds flocking their feather. Then that morning walk that filled us with energy throughout the day. The day used to end by cool breeze of the sea.
But now all of these is a dream. Our day starts with the alarm and by the sound of building construction near us. Then going to office facing the traffic.
Is this the future of humans? So is this what we call as development?So many talks of Human extinction by the Robots, if this goes on, I am sure that human’s laziness and ignorance towards the Nature will be the main cause.

What triggered this?

Well, we were not always so bad, were we? Yes, I know the fact that Development is important. The sole part of human beings is to develop and evolve throughout the generation.
We are a part of Nature living at the top of food chain and making leaps at the technical advancement.
One of the most important laws of Physics is that “Nature loves Symmetry”.
One of the realistic and important law. Are we following that? Well, “YES”
You see, Symmetry means to divide things in order to gain stability.
More Symmetry, more options, more stability and evolution.
Whenever Humans are in need of something, they invent and make themselves higher.
Of course, Nature supports it. But aren’t we overdoing it.
Is Nature showing the signs, well if you pick up a newspaper these days. It will show you everything.
Landslides, floods, deforestation these things were not so common in the earlier days. But now they are everywhere.
So yes, we are overdoing. So who will stop it finally? Can we do it?
Yes! Anyways even if we don’t Nature simply will. It never unfollows the rule. If we humans cross the limit, then these simple things will appear every day. To take what we call as “Revenge”.
Let’s Talk about it clearly.
So, the population of all countries are increasing tremendously which in turn results us to increase the resources also too meet the need of this increasing population. We are clearing the forests, cutting trees and moving the animals away from their natural habitat and then we are settling there. And we talk about discrimination! Well it simply looks like we are doing tyranny with them just because we have more power now.
Doesn’t Nature have the same upper hand on us.
We make dams to control water, we have scientific machines to predict the upcoming weathers. We even have the power to control it! Sorry but we don’t have this one!
Even being one of the most advanced city of India, Kerala was destroyed by this event that happened almost 1 month ago.
Not only in Kerala, 5 years ago, in Uttarakhand floods, the casualties were very high.
Outside of India, the floods are common in Japan and United states.
In 2005, there was a flood in Canada, a flood so devastating that almost every one was highly affected.
The reason I am putting more pressure on this is about the everyday landslides that are happening in India, right now.
We all know that media only covers the news in which people have more sympathy towards the dead one rather than the people who were luckily saved.
Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir ,Kullu manali and many other hill stations in India are everyday affected by landslides. Is Nature giving the signs that she had enough of all this injustice. Is this how Human civilization will end.

Are we safe because we are inside our home away from those places. Don’t mistake this thinking, no one is safe in the big picture because if we continue with this recklessness and keep ignoring the signs of nature she surely will show no mercy for this mistake. As I said, she has the upper hand on us.


Well, the first thing we can do is to not ignore the fact that we are not alone in this world. Birds, animals and everyone has their own lives. We can’t just go and take their homes. Accept this facts first now.

Second one is also simple but requires active participation of all of us. All of us must plant a sapling. Well it isn’t that much hard. Take a plant, water it everyday and when it grows, it will return the favor.
Yes, it is true that we can’t stop the building constructions, AC running everyday and many more but this is the simplest thing we can do to compensate the damage we do.
Try to be a giver rather than a taker and see the world around you change.
Everything is a negotiation. Everything is a little both of give and take.  -Lamman Rucker

I Hope you like this article and I welcome every comments and ideas from you.

Please share this to everyone to warn them about this upcoming turn of events.
Thank You.

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No techs and gadgets. A nightmare worth living or not?

You woke up and don’t see your mobo on your bedside then you get up and even the TV is gone from your room. A nightmare. Isn’t it?

Imagining a day living without technology around is no less than a nightmare. Even our day begin with waking up by the mobo’s alarm tone or Alexa, then checking the notifications stacked overnight. Then switching to the news channel on TV or some prefer mobo apps like ET, TOI, etc to update ourselves with the happenings around the globe and this list of techs in our day keeps on counting.

Is there something we miss?

Yes, it is true that technology has changed our lives in a very subtle manner. I had stated in one of my blogs that it was the work of numerous inventors, innovators and visionaries through which we are able to live this life.
But let me rewind you a little bit. Is there a life without technology? Did we people were surrounded by this gadgets even in our past generations?
Once my Mother told me that in her college time her teacher discussed the possibility of a video call which was followed by the roar of laughter among students sitting there. But now, even Rs.1500 phone have the feature of video calling.
When I was little, I used to think how people at that time used to have fun. Wasn’t their life would had been so boring. But fortunately, my destiny itelf gave the answer.

The most important things in our life!

Let me tell you a little tale, it’s all true and a part of my life. A part of my life spent in the hostel.
So, it all started when my father put me in a boys hostel for 11th and 12th. The situation was so bad, I thought my life was being wasted there. You should think, 7 people in a room with no free space for study table. Classes starting from 6 am to 1pm and then to study all day in the classes and ofcourse, no electronic devices were allowed.
Who would have thought that even in that hell, we will learn and earn something that can never be replaced in life?

Life Without Smartphones and with friends.

You should know that without mobile phones, human show their true character ie their actual way of behaving. When we were alone and unknown to others without any gadget to engage us so a bond of friendship grew among us. We started to learn from each other whether good or bad. LOL!
After 2 years, we started to love that hostel more than everything. Ofcourse, we never realise what gems we had until we lost it, This is me in this case. I made friends who became a turning point of my life.
I got my answer about how life would have been without any gadgets around us. That was indeed so amazing, so fabulous that none can imagine.
Yes, there is knowledge without Google too. We learned about the books, we learned about science, space, earth and heaven and hell too!
In my room, due to one person everyone started to love physics, beyond the books. Due to one, we forget about the casteism and learned about humanity. We learned many things apart than only studying.

Was that FUN?

Well don’t me get started. The fun was more than anything. How many of you can make lassi by 1-2 glasses of curd for 7 boys, well my friend did!

How many of you alone can wipe out a tension on students face

for IIT in a joke, well my friends did!

When we were sad, one would sing( not a singer though) or other would mimic others just to make us laugh replacing every single music or vines.
You see, the whole point in saying this is, rise above smartphone, don’t think they are the only things in our life. The world is very big and mobile is only a speck of it.
When I come to my new college, the same thing is going on, everyone is busy on the mobile phone and show off! They would never know the fun without the mobile phone, without pubg or Coc.
Even we friends would have never realised that if the mobile was also present there.

What is Reality?

For those who don’t know these things, I am going to tell you an important fact. In India, the total population is 135.40 crores and the people who have internet access in nothing less than 40 crores. You see, we do things like kiki challenge and other for fun because a majority of people do these, even celebrity do these. But now do you see? We are a minority here.
We are not alone in India, those 90 crores also have a life, they are not just nothing.
Those 90 crores also would have the dream, they too would have worked hard or had fun.
Remember, sooner or later, these ignorances will bring a big problem for everyone.
A little incident helped me more to understand. One day, I was moving in a bus in Banglore. I spotted a man that looked more like northeast people ( i am also). Suddenly he sat beside me and started to talk.
Passing over the conversation, I will tell you the conclusion, that man was from Bihar. He came to Bangalore in search of job and finally got one as a carpenter, but do you know, his age was only 20, that means he was only 2 years older than me.
He knew nothing of free bank accounts, or government free plans or anything. He just didn’t know anything.
This incident reminded me again, that we are only one sitting beside the TV and looking at the news. These people for whom the jobs and the plans were made would have never used it because they would never have gotten the information.

Get the knowledge!

Do you get it now, These things we have now is a result of scientists and engineers and pioneers working over an era, creating something as a revolution, don’t waste it on silly things like gaming or quickly going over the trends like Musically or B.s like Shark game or momo challenge.

If you want to get fun try to get over the mobile phones, then you will see the real world. Only if someone explained to me when I was the kid, I wouldn’t have rushed my mind remembering every single mobile phone that comes online.

Anyway, thank you for reading this and remember it’s never too late to change the habits. I am surely not saying to totally avoid these things, I know that they are very important but try to get these things

in good use rather totally depending on these.

Remember, good and bad memories happens with every one. They are part of your life.
Endure both because they will become one of the best memories of your life.

Share your memories with me in my comment section and follow my blog to get more of these things.
BTW that pic was taken in Visakhapatnam, the City of Destiny!

Control your Mind, Control your World!

It is common when you think about the movies like Lucy and the idea of the limitlessness of mind, you get such an awe that our mind can also do such kind of stuff, right?

These movies have created a different ideology about mind in ourselves, that is by unlocking 100% of our brain we can do things that seem pretty cool like back in time and seeing that Big Bang from one’s own eyes (yeah, Lucy). 
But believe me when I say you already are at the full control of mind means you have already unlocked your 100% brain power.

What is the real meaning of the Mind?

Image Source; Google
When I say about the mind, you should think of it as a two-way portal. i.e Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind is the one which we are using now. It plays a vital role intake day to day normal thinking and decision making unless it is done intuitively, the movement of our physical parts body like limbs, the reminder of our daily course and many other things.
Now think, while we sleep we are still breathing and body processes are going down in our insides. Who are responsible for the proper regulation of these things, at these times when the conscious mind is sleeping the Subconscious mind comes into play but don’t think it like it sleeps in the daytime! 

Difference between them?

There’s a lot of differences between them. Now, when I have said that you have already unlocked your 100% mind, what does it mean? I will tell you but first, let’s look at the differences.
Do you know the subconscious mind is always awake? It doesn’t need rest at all and doesn’t get frustrated. It is the one we familiarly refer to as the 6th sense.
Image source: Google
When someone asks you to do something, what do you do? Immediately do it? No, first you think about it, it’s advantage, the disadvantage and many more or you think critically about it. This is the work of your conscious mind. While thinking the subconscious mind as a servant, whatever you ask for, it will do.

All the Successful people have one thing in common, that is they are using their conscious and subconscious mind altogether. With this their path became clear and they found their purpose and the rest they created is HISTORY!  
How can you think of success when you say different than you talk. Many people say that talking doesn’t affect our brain at all. Of course, it doesn’t affect our Subconscious mind directly but while we are talking on a certain topic and we accept a single thing, our subconscious mind accepts it as order and it sends messages via neuron to imply it in our daily life.

Control your Mind or else it will!

There is a very true saying about the Mind, it is a very good servant but a bad master. When you let your mind be affected by certain thoughts told by other people, you yourself let you fail. 
Let’s take an example, you are in a race suddenly your friends sniffed into your ears “Hey, why are you taking part in this running event. Haven’t you heard that last year’s champion is also competing? You will surely fail”. 
Now, in this time 2 cases arise:

1st case: You let your friend’s advice to be true, you automatically accept the defeat even if the race is not started. What does it do good? Nothing, this is called as Mind as Master.
2nd case: Let’s take that you ignore your friend’s advice, you have a sense of firm belief in yourself and your skill of running, you order your inner self that whatever happens, you will give everything you have. After the race, you win or lose, everything is good. You know why? Because your mind accepts that you have the willpower to do even the impossible so it will make itself ready to do more for a long run.

How to do it?

According to the books, I have read, you know sometimes imagination is better than everything.
I suppose you have seen my last blog about the FUTURE OF SCIENCE, there I talked about the power of imagination.
Well, because they are the perfect ways to realize the power of your subconscious. The sooner you realize it, the better it does.

Think about the saints in many places they have the power to slow their heartbeat and they can stay without food and water for weeks. This is because they have known the power to their mind and not by eating some tablets. 

Please try this at home. Every morning as you wake up. try to think about the person you want to become or be perfect at a certain skill of yours, now recite loudly, the feelings to yourself as to be confident of yourself and having belief that you will do it. YOU will CONQUER IT. Because no one can help you if you don’t have a belief in yourself.

I say thanks to my Friends Aditya Raj for almost giving every idea for this story and also for motivating me every time

I welcome your comment or share any feeling you have towards it.

Thank you and have confidence in your goal.


The Beautiful Land of Science

                       Curiosity: The Mother Of Science

Hello, and welcome again to my blog.
Let’s start from this, think you are going for a picnic with friends or family, you stay out in the open fields for a long time, playing or doing anything. You saw that many fruits are lying on the ground fallen from the tree. 
Image Source: Google

Will you ever think WHY? Does anyone think that why this simple thing happens? No, no-one really thought Why this happen?
Only one man had the guts to even think about it, and as everyone knows his name was Newton. He was first curious and then he became a scientist.
So think and think whatever it may seem like! because as I said, Curiosity is The mother of Science.

Image source: Google

  How Physics is the best thing that can Happen to you!!

I also didn’t realize how much physics has an impact on our lives until much later.
Once in a hostel I get to share a room with many of my teachers that I can never forget, they are my friends. Yep, some friends are like your teachers. 
They made me fall in love with physics like nothing else. Once I started living with them, I realized that every day in the life is a miracle of physics, the past, present and the future is nothing but a part of physics.

Now to you guys, who don’t get the feeling, I will make you understand.
In today’s technology, many things are possible that was unimaginable in the past, there are many examples. We have ideas today like warping in space, time travel, full A.I, and many more that seems like it will take a very long time to happen but physics has never denied any ideas. The more imagination you have the further it goes and at that someday it will be possible and explainable. 

According to the Scientist, the world started with the Big Bang approximately 13.7 billion years ago. From that time, it took millions and millions of years to form the galaxies and the stars. Now look at this, it took billions of years to form the Earth. As we look at the time interval, we found that our earth is so young and small. Now we found that in almost 6 centuries, humans have developed So much and had so many ideas and theories of unidentified force creating us and all this in a blink of time.

The world around us is as it is because of an obstinate kid having curiosity and utter confidence in his ideas. These men have changed our world in the ways we can’t even imagine.

The Daily Routine

Image Source: Google
Our day starts with the Sun’s light. Do you know Sun’s light takes 8 minutes to reach us after traveling such distances. Soon birds and the other animals themselves know that it is their time to wake up. As the result of Evolution, we all know that we must grow faster in order to survive.   

Birds can find their home without taking help of any Google map, interesting isn’t it!. This is the beauty of Science. 
The minerals we found on the earth is a result of processes held down for years. 
The reason we are able to connect with world in an instant in this era is possible because of many satellites launched on the earth. That was only possible because of all the theories proposed by Albert Einstein, Newton, Galileo and Nicolas Copernicus and many others. Think about what world we would be living if these men had never dreamt and imagine things.

Never Lose Hope

Image Source: Google

I hope that everyone know this man. 

He was a great Scientist and a reformer.  
But do you know, what was the best ability inside this man, his will to never give up!
After suffering from a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS a kind of motor neurone disease, the doctors told him that he will die in 2-3 years. On his 23rd birthday, he was struck, he didn’t knew what to do, he thought all the potential inside of him was going to waste. But you know what? He lived for more than 50 even after that. Because of the urge inside him for science was far much greater than the power of disease itself.

So, with all being said I conclude my voice. Let me know if you like this or not or have any problem considering it.
I thanks to and the book Resnick Halliday.
And every other friend for creating this love inside of me for Physics.
Love Science because this is what that makes Sense. 
Thank You.

One of the most important things Supernatural tells us

What is Supernatural?

Hello again, as the title suggests, you may know what I’m gonna write

and you are correct. This is about one of the most famous and fantastic series called Supernatural created by Eric Kripke. 
Image Source:Google

And for you guys who don’t know what  Supernatural is, it is a story about 2 brothers moving through the American roads in their Impala to find ghosts and other unnatural beings. Sounds weird, isn’t it? Believe me, the first impression the show gave me was dumb. But just as I started watching it, they gave a lesson throughout their journeys.

What I learnt from it?

Well, the show goes from hunting local ghosts to demons, vampires, werewolves and tons of other things. But in every episode it shows us that, We can’t do everything alone, yep that’s right! Many of us think that when we are doing a work whether small or big, we must do it yourself just because of our ego, but this show insist us that we should never be alone, sometimes being alone makes a good person go mad.
Image Source:Google

Family! a big thing isn’t it? How many times we have ignored our family by giving some excuse, it may be of our father or mother or brother or anyone. We must learn to accept them, no matter what type they are, they are the people who help us in our darkest time, even if we ignore them.

This series gave me the thought that family is not about only the people with whom you share blood, it is about the people that gave you help in hard times. 
Be helpful and never judge people by their face and first impression.
As I always say, the first impression is always deceptive!
Sometimes, Villains are the people whose backstory has never been told.
Soon, you will start loving them too!

How I watched Supernatural?

After my 10th board’s exam, I had 2 months free. In 1 month, I watched other series as well, moved through different parts of town. In the 2nd month, my brother advised me to watch Supernatural, with the main part of horror, this season was enough to make me a big addict of it. I acknowledged that in 1 month, I have to watch 11 seasons ( at that time), so every season has 23 episodes. It was one of my achievements LOL! , Sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes laugh, sometimes depressed and another time to take a laugh out of me. I rated it the best event that had happened to me.  


If you think you are living a bad life, see them (not giving any spoilers). Embrace the struggle and join the supernatural club. For people who have not watched it I seriously recommending you. Seriously it’s worth it!!!.
For people who have watched it, I welcome you to reply in the comments for any problem you have and I will be sure to reply that!.
Thank you for reading and I will be soon back with a new blog about one of the most interesting things in the world.

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The Future Of Our Nation.

Making INDIA Optimistic

As time goes, India is progressing. Maybe Faster or Slower but now the people here have belief in our development.

In every year India produces 14-15 lakh engineers and 3 lakh only get placed, surely someone says that this is bad or not good and this is true only because they have chosen the carrier, not of their passion.
But soon our people went out in foreign to look for jobs and they found it, soon spreading in every part of the world.
Going Further in time, we will found that India will be a developed country and will be the most progressive country due to this. The fact that maybe most of the engineers are not good and they go to engineering college just for fun, but the other half have the talent for making India great.
Taking the Example of Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, we always found that India has the potential in almost every scope.

Be Optimistic

In one of our class, a teacher gave us a lesson which I want to spread all over the nation. If someone asks “Tell me, what is the main strength of our Nation, in which field they excel?”. Well, the answer ranges from “Youth, Army, Culture, Diversity and many more” but if you look clearly there is a problem with everything.
So, what is the main power of India, you ask?
And the answer is PROBLEM itself. Yes, sounds stupid, doesn’t it? but it is the truth, the point that there are so many problems in India itself is a very good thing.

Well, you saw it right, the fact that India has so many problems creates a land of opportunity for us, to use our mind and to make a solution and make India a great place.

Well, i am saying this because as I have been in many places, I have seen the people saying that our nation is not good and they prefer the other nation above it and they say that India will never develop, these things make me sad and I just want to clear the fact that If you believe in yourself, you must have to be optimistic.
Thanks and contact me via comment to see how you think about it and I will be sure to reply every one of them.