The Trip:Manali

This Past Week was one heck of an enjoyment. I will try to describe it in a nutshell. I went to Manali with my family along with my uncle, aunt, and my cousin brother and sister. It was one of the most beautiful place. The sad thing was that we couldn’t go to Rohtang pass because of the landslides but the trip was worth the time. To Describe Manali in one line I would say “It feels like sitting in the palm of Nature”. Everything was very beautiful. Morning bring out clear sun rays and Night gives Cold breeze of air to chill us. The air was clean at all time and night time was perfect to count all the beautiful glowing stars. We went to markets to eat the local delicacies and boy, was it Fabulous! We went to trekking, well sort of! Then we went to Paragliding, It was a totally new experience. You can guess the excitement by looking at my brother’s face. Looking at the land at the height of 6000ft and jumping off a cliff was totally freaking and amazing. Then at last. we went to Manikarna Temple and Gurudwara. All of this actually refreshed my mind after a long time of staying in college and it was needed. I did enjoy with my cousins and eating whatever I wanted to do. If someone is planning to do a visit there, I seriously recommend checking whether Rohtang pass is open and after that, it will be a great visit. Thank you for reading and I hope that you also enjoyed your life all this time and afterward. Till next time, Sayonara!!!

Unwanted Work !!!

A small part of my college Journey

Has it ever happened to you that you have to do the task you don’t feel like doing or don’t have interest in.

It’s frustrating isn’t ? Well currently I’m in the same scenario. I have to read and score marks in subjects in which I don’t have a single interest.

Why is it so? I tried asking my friends and teachers about it but no one has any clue. They are just doing taught what’s been told earlier.

It really frustrates me. We don’t have the option to ask the reason for all of this.

Some people say it’s about the marks that make secure careers. It really do scares the sh*t out of me.

I know , I know

The see a change in a world you have to be the change

But still, I think these people were more experienced than me, they would have a better idea of how the world works or how to make dent in it. 😂

Whatever, let’s see how it goes on. I am not studying this subject and let’s see what the future has hold for me.

Till next time adios.!!!

The Hard Task!!

We all are living and working in the same universe surrounded by people. What are the hardest task you think happens throughout the day? What do you think about it, whether you want to fix it, get over it or ignore it ?

In my day to day life what I found difficult is waking up early morning, gathering the strength to go to class whether I like it or not. Then afterwards finding the courage to go for an adventure( I am a pretty lazy guy). These are the tasks I find difficult. Some are pretty stupid and some have been with me since childhood.

Recently I have been reading a book called Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It is a fantastic book on human psychology that helped me to get me over some facts. This book had helped me realize the fact that there are some problems I didn’t have before but have started now.

Something like Speaking in Public or in Stage. Usually, I am a quite loud fellow who yells whatever he wants but nowadays with some people around me. I have noticed that they didn’t seem to share the same mindset as me So I choose to be silent and I don’t think this is going good.

The people around me maybe good or bad who knows? I am sure you guys would know what I mean. Well, this book helped me get over the fact that you can’t always satisfy other’s need before you. Yes, you maybe kind-hearted but if these things keep going on you will start hating yourselves and that is the one thing you would never want.

Self Love is very Important for everyone around you. Hey, we are going off topic, aren’t we? I am freelancing in this If you know what I mean. I am writing anything that comes first in my mind without editing or anything. I often do these type of things as it helps to clear the mind.

Writing was also one of the things I used to dislike but nowadays This is what I love. I found my strength in this. When I started I would have never thought that I would reach here. There are miles more to go but these checkpoints helped me realized that my task is getting appreciated.

As about the things like Waking up in the morning that is impossible. I often bunk classes and you would know the rest.

Remember Life is like a video game, there is not only one game available but various another. Don’t choose a game just because there is too much hype around it. You maybe good at it or not. Find a game which you like because You play game for the main part not for the end scene or credit scene. Don’t let your future-self cry over that part.

RYAN HIGA – You tuber

Thanks guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to share something please do it on comment section and I will be sure to reply this within time.

Till next time, adios!!!

Do Dreams Speak ??

Have you ever feal that dreams speak to you ? Well it has happen several times to me. I often go to many dimensions in my sleep😂 . When I wake up contrary to others I totally remember my dream but what bothers is that I couldn’t do anything to speak through it. There are dreams which came countless times in my life. I will tell you one of that. It starts with me along my whole family enjoying a festival in a village. I came out of house to take a stroll when I see several tank coming there, naturally I run towards my home screaming about and guess what, no body believes me!! Oh, that frustration. I went to my brother whom I thought that he will believe it but also he didn’t. I ran to outside finding that the tanks are ready to take aim and I was helpless to do anything, I couldn’t run alone leaving everyone. That was one thing I have control over. Then I slid back in my house hearing the thunderous crack of tanks blazing and just as it was about to crash a Slap crash into my cheeks from myb mother shouting me to wake up.
Image Source : Walli
Well, that was scary and it happened first in my 7th class so no, that was not due to Hollywood movies. It again happened in the 11th class where I was alone in my Hostel when I wake up I was bathing with sweat and full of hopeless feeling. These dreams thought me the power of hope. That Feeling even though it was just a dream was dangerous. These type of Dreams often come into my mind and I don’t know why?Are they telling me something or I am really in other dimension in my sleep. The Possibilities are Endless that’s what I think. Well, If I could I will write a thesis about dreams but just let it this way. Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you really enjoyed this post. Subscribe for more of this content. Till next time, Adios!!

Is Technology Going too Fast for us ??

Nowadays, everyone in the family has their own mobile. So, they prefer to give their time to mobile rather than being in the family. If you observe you will see that earlier without smartphone, we would see most of the family or friends pics but nowadays, all that is left in gallery is meme or so.

What are the needs and how we are going is completely different. Mobile development has opened the path for many android and IOS developers. They create a good app for themselves and also for the society.

But just like everything we get too much obsessed with it at so we seem to forget what is the point behind it all.

I am not blaming any products or so but think on your own. First we used to go to a restaurant with our friends and family but nowadays, all we do is order food from an app. Again, this is a very good thing considering that sometimes we can’t go far away but also at the same time it is quite boring.

There were also many prank apps(I don’t want to specify them) which lead to major psychological disorders in children. Maybe that app was meant for adults in order to test their daring power but unfortunately, that fell into the hands of little children which lead towards much darker events.

There was a theoretical physicist named J.Robert Oppenheimer. Many few people know about him in today’s generation. He was called the father of atomic Bomb as he had one of the main hands in the Bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki.

Now, I will surely not go in depth to judge whether it was wrong or right. But what I want to simplify is that even at that time Technology was overwhelming for people. So, overwhelming that without even knowing it’s total power, they tried to use it which led to disaster. Even in the current scenario, all the nations fear each other for that same weapon.

Now, comparing these two would be insane ,Right?Well If you observe clearly you will find that all the stories begin in this way. Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed by things we don’t understand.

Mobile apps have a great future for developers but what’s the use if we can’t use it for the benefit of our society. I read a quote somewhere that said ” The True Purpose of Education Is to make minds not Careers”.

Now, if you understood this GREAT! but for those who couldn’t get it ,I will simplify,see humans are very sensitive beings . We always fear the things we don’t understand and once we understand and see people hype over it, we also get obsessed with it without considering our own values.

So, we should have a far vision and analyse where are we going. I am sure there will be many people who will disagree with what I said but everyone has their own thoughts and opinions and I completely respect them.

Now, I have nothing against Mobile developers as I am an engineer too. It mostly depends on the people using it but sometimes , people aren’t just ready for this.

I hope you liked this post and maybe learnt something from it.

We should always remember that “A Man who doesn’t spend time with his Family can never be a real Man” – The Godfather.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this. Click here if you want to see more pictures from my friends Gallery. Thanks to Kushal Sharma for the editing work.

Till Next time, Adios!!!

Best Gift Of the Year!!!

Yep, you heard it right. I just got the biggest gift of this year and I can’t specify how happy I am. Here Goes-

I got my website approved in Google Ad sense. Yes, the feeling can’t be described in words. They are the thing I have to work on from now on and that means more high-quality post that is enjoyable and stuff.

I am sure as hell excited to get this thing rolling. Thank all you guys in WordPress, to making it possible. It may seem like a small thing but for me after a bad day, this feels like Heaven.

If not for you guys, I would have never got the Motivation for writing my feelings out. Thanks to Everyone. Cheers!!! You can check the website out here . Things are stuck now but it will be sorted now!!

Failure – Moment of Happiness or Sadness

I won’t call it as a task of bravery or anything but I really didn’t expect it. Presenting the 1st backlog of my carrier that means I failed one of the exams of my college.

Just as I got this news, I was horrified as the friend who told me about this passed in all the exams and here I was, So Confident of my belief that it won’t have any effect on my self.

But as I talked to more and more friends I learned that all of them passed. Now, this hurt me, I wasn’t accepting this. My whole birthday party ruined.

Thousand of thoughts are crossing my wind every second. “If only I got passing marks” , ” It doesn’t change my life” and a second later “Now, I will have a big trouble , a scar for my life”.

I really treasure this part of my life. It keeps changing. There are some parts which don’t change like the love for my parents, my devote towards my passion of writing and learning A.I but what keeps changing is the current scenario of my college situation, I may act strong today but I will tell you the truth “It hurts”.

I think it is mandatory for everyone to learn pain in their life, It really seems easier while studying other’s biography but in your case, situation changes.

Pardon my Childish brain. But even in this case I promise My passion won’t be disturbed. Let the game between my passion and problems begin. Now, the problem is small and it is sure to be high but I will be happy. That’s for sure and long as I have you guys with me.

Thanking for reading the state of my mind. Wish you a happy day. Peace!! If you got time check out my new website.

Till next time. Adios!!