Does true love really work in this society?

Talking about true love.

Mother’s love and care for her child. Does that count as a true love? Absolutely.

Does that work? Any doubt?

Mother’s love for her child is the purest form of love one experience in their life.

In fact, father’s care and love for his child is also unparalleled.

Actually every parent raise their children with absolute love and care. They try to give their all to their child and that no doubt called as a true love of parents for their child.

Yet, sad part of it is that some take that love for granted. Some just fail to show their share of love to their parents. Sometimes, true love fails to work from their side.

Let’s talk about some real life love stories now.

Sundar Pichai and his wife Anjali.

Their love life is also such a piece of true love that will make you believe in true love really exist.

Their relationship started in college days. They both studied together in same batch. They both remain together in college days.

Then after graduation they get separated by a distance between two countries, USA and India. Still their love and trust for each other didn’t separated.

After Sundar Pichai got well settled in USA, they got married and now they are happy together.

Distance didn’t let their love for each other getting affected rather it strengthened their trust and honesty for each other.

Coming back to answer, yes true love really exist and it requires two souls to love each other truly and unconditionally.

It’s hard to find tho.

Don’t search for your true love,

Make your love true and unconditional.

Sometimes it fails and leaves a bruise in your heart but remember

Someday, all the love you have given away, will find it’s way back to you and it will finally stay.

It is just like

World is full of nice people.

If you can’t find them,

Be one.

Peace. A.

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