The Write Christmas Challenge 🎅

Before you start reading this. I am thankful to When words fly for creating such a wonderful challenge. It’s the second annual write competition. I will be giving a link to that post as well to her blog.

This is not the first time I have written a short story but it was harder when it came in the form of challenge. The theme was of Christmas as the challenge compromised of some prompts. I tried my best and hope that you all like it.

Write Christmas🎅🎅

The Sound of the Bell broke the serenity of the class. Soon, every student started moving out. Emily gasped for air as she finally reached the college canteen.
“Hey, that was fast”. Emily smiles with a little sign of fatigue and then replies “Yes, I was starving in the class”. Soon after taking a few bites from the burger she relaxed.

“So, what are your plans for tomorrow?” Hearing this, she started to think but soon she was diverted by an alarming voice.

“Hey, why are you standing alone?” asked Rose standing beside her.

Emily turned and then laughed but said nothing.

“So, what are your plans for Christmas tomorrow?”

“Nothing special” replied Emily

“Well, you can come to my house if you want to, we are having a big celebration tomorrow night.”

“Thank you so much for this but I prefer it alone.”

Rose nodded with hesitation.

Soon, a friend came running to Rose.

“Hey Rose, let’s head back to class, Emily you with us?” said Lana

Emily replied, “You go on, I will be in a minute”. Saying this she left.

“What happened to her? She seems different.

Rose didn’t say anything. Emily was standing at the backside of the canteen.

Soon, the bell rang for classes and all of them started getting back to class.

After 2 more hours of class, the final bell rang and everyone started moving back to their home.

Rose spotted Emily alone as she was moving to the nearest department store.

Lana along with her said “The loveliest girl of college at the time of Christmas becomes so sad!”

“You should have joined her.”

Emily replied “No, I prefer it in my own house.”

“How long will you keep doing this to yourself?” Soon a drop of tear started falling from her eyes. She started crying and ran as fast as she could. Finally, she stopped at a park filled piled up with snow.

“Oh, don’t you dare cry.”

She replied “I am sorry, I couldn’t stop myself.”

“I can’t imagine my brave and lovely daughter to cry all the way.”

Emily suddenly laughed and started moving again. As she reached her destination, she smiles as she sees the scenario, the whole area beside her was piled up by snow. The area was looking like Heaven.

As she walked through the snow she went up to her cottage located in between. She walked up to that cottage and opened it with her key.

The opening of the gate created a creaking sound suggesting that the cottage haven’t been opened for a longtime. She entered in that house and spotted the dust fallen everywhere. She opened up the windows to welcome the light.

“Well, this is gonna be my Christmas place for tomorrow, I better clean it up,” Emily thought.

Soon, she started to clean the room. The cottage consisted of 2 room, a big room for celebration, the other one was the kitchen.

By an hour the room was all clean. She thought “I should clean it even though no one is coming!”She knew she was again alone for Christmas for this year but somehow it hurts her more and more every year.

She again started sobbing as she remembered the memory. 3 years back she was with her Father, a small and beautiful family. It was 2 days before Christmas and she had already taken leave for preparation. The cloud had just stopped raining after having a heavy downpour. She was with her father in a car.

“Well, now we now have cake, ham and fruits, is it enough for the party?” asked her father.

“Yes, it is but where can we find our tree?”

“Well, let’s look for that”. As she smiled, her father accelerated his car.

They were moving through the highway but suddenly out of nowhere a big lorry appeared.
“Hey Lookout!” shouted the lorry driver. Her dad tried to steer his car as fast as he could but due to the road’s wet condition, her car began to skid. The car then crashed into the pole.

The next she know that she was in hospital. As she regained consciousness she started to ask…..

“Stop thinking about that, it will only make you sad and that’s the last thing I wanted”

Emily saw that the time was past 8. She took her bag and locked the cottage and then moved back to her house in the city.

Finally came the day of Christmas, she went up to the store to buy something and luckily met Rose. “So, you will be in the cottage tonight?” Rose asked. Emily nodded and continued picking up the items.“You should be nicer to them”

Emily shouted “You can’t tell me what I should do or shouldn’t” . Then she stops and then suddenly shouts, “because you are the one who left me!”

She started sobbing and then left the store. “She didn’t took the items,” said Lana which was along with Rose.

After 5 minutes….

Rose continued “That’s why even after 3 years, she can’t enjoy Christmas because it makes her memories fresh”.

Emily finally reached the cottage. Wearing a jacket, she opened the window. She took out the new tablecloth and spread it over the table. She took out the scented candles and the light bulbs. She went up to the Hearth and filled it with wood.

The time did come. It was over 7, she decorated the Xmas tree with bulbs and things. The room was full of the essence of Candles. The light was all over due to the Hearth decorating the Room in a beautiful manner.

She sat down in the chair feeling that she was forgetting something. Suddenly, the door was knocked. She didn’t expected anyone here. She went to open the gate and soon she was shocked.

“Well, you can’t celebrate the Christmas without cake, can you?”

The voice of Rose came through the gate.

“Well, won’t you welcome us?”

“Us?” asked Emily. “Yep” shouted Lana along with many other friends. Emily was overjoyed with this surprise. She welcomed all of them.

“But why?” asked Emily.

Rose Replied “Because you are our friend and we never leave a friend alone”.

Entering, all of them started to fill up all the table by dishes and set up the room. The room was full of vigour spirit.

Emily suddenly sensed someone touching her but there was no one as she turned. “Hey, come here Emily it’time to cut the cake” came the voice of Lana and the others.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she ran to cut the cake and everyone started singing the christmas songs.

“Thank you Emily, now I can finally meet your mother!” said Emily’s Father as he moved away.

The atmosphere in the cottage resonated with that of the surrounding as the light of the moon sparkled all over.

Thank you for reading this and if you liked it pls comment. I will try to improve more on further stories but  even then I am very Happy after completing this one.

Till next time. Sayonara😁😁

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