BRAIN: A notoriously well-behaved child

We all have heard this from our parent or elders that  “this BRAIN is a great asset if you’re the Master but a liability if it becomes your master”. Isn’t it? But does this relationship between us and our brain really work out well if we become its master? I’ll answer it but before that allow me to show you a convo between me and my best friend.

F : Hello brutha! Sup?

Me : Doing good. Wbu?

F : I’m fucked up. This college life is sucking me bad :'(

Me : Yeah, nothing new to hear. Anyways, what’s your dilemma?

F : As you said, just these assignments and all are so much to complete that I’m not being able to concentrate on any other stuffs. This is made even worse by the indicsiplined use of mobo. I was so aggitated that I unistalled whatever games I played and logged out and deleted all social media apps and even turned off app notification of every apps so that I won’t be distracted.

Me : Cool! So this must have helped a lot to cut your time spent on mobo.

F : Nah! It made worse.

Me : Wut!!

F : YEah! Actually now sometimes out of irritation of these continuous works I waste even more time on mobo. Although unintentionally but still and then curse myself for wasting that time. And this is going on since last week!! Tell me what should I do for this?

So how many of us can relate to this kind of daily life dilemma? This is a typical example of how my friend tried to forcefully master his brain to not to use mobo ingeniously and turned out to overusing it! So this imposter thing doesn’t work out anyways! Now what? I’ll again answer this but before that a situational example to make myself clearer.

Consider a 10 years old boy who goes and ask his mom to can he go out and play with his friends in the park. Now there will be two cases of how his mum will react.

Case 1: She’s a strict mother and when the boy asked her to go out and play she tells him to “go study and no play today because yesterday you played a lot”.

Case 2: She listen her boy and ask him to “go study for 1 hour then you can go play with your friends”.

Now the case study.

In case 1, when the boy is denied of playing outside and asked to study he will surely be angry at his mom and won’t concentrate on studying and rather pass time while sitting on studying table and as soon as he gets a chance to slip out from home he surely will run off to play! Such a notorious boy.

In case 2, the boy is given an option of reward for studying 1 hour and then he can go out to play. He surely will study for that 1 hour and then happily run off to ground.

We all can relate to this situation and experience it from time to time but with various kinds of stuff. But did you notice how this is true with our Brain also! Yes! Our mind thinks and works the same way that boy did!

Now considering my friend’s case above and seeing what he did we can understand that after he forcefully tried to stop himself (or his brain) from using any kinds of entertainment stuff on mobo how his brain revolted and in turn he wasted even more time on the mobo. So, what’s the solution then? Will, he keep on wasting his time this way or is there any fruitful way?

Yeah, there is a solution and I gave it above in the case study! We must treat our brain the way the mother did in case 2. We must attach a reward with whatever task we want our brain (or us) to complete. So in my friend’s case, he must keep a reward of using the mobo for 15 mins after 1 hour of his assignment or study. This will help him for sure and he must fine tune this reward system according to his tone of the day. But, this raises another question what if he tends to overuse his mobo and wasting his time eventually?

Well for that my friend there is only one person to ensure that overuse mustn’t occur and that is he himself! Self-discipline is the answer here.

So I hope that I’m able to make my perception of how to utilise your brain productively and in turn even keeping your brain (or you) happy with whatever you are doing or want to do. Simply putting, use the reward system or can say that attach a reward for completing what you may find boring like while studying, doing assignments, project, et cetera. Well, what should the reward be? That’s totally your choice and receive whatever appeals to you the most but with keeping in mind that reward must increase your productivity or at least doesn’t hinders it!

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Nature: A Neighborly Disaster!!!

Let’s continue the sequence of things we are discussing. These are the things we always have but never had the time to value them. But as time goes and they goes away we will do nothing but regret.

This time we will be talking about Nature that filled us with grace every morning are now rare to be seen.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-26 at 21.44.09
Image Credit -Varun

The Serenity of Mother is nowhere to be Seen.

Remember the good ol’ days when we woke up by the light of sun and birds flocking their feather. Then that morning walk that filled us with energy throughout the day. The day used to end by cool breeze of the sea.
But now all of these is a dream. Our day starts with the alarm and by the sound of building construction near us. Then going to office facing the traffic.
Is this the future of humans? So is this what we call as development?So many talks of Human extinction by the Robots, if this goes on, I am sure that human’s laziness and ignorance towards the Nature will be the main cause.

What triggered this?

Well, we were not always so bad, were we? Yes, I know the fact that Development is important. The sole part of human beings is to develop and evolve throughout the generation.
We are a part of Nature living at the top of food chain and making leaps at the technical advancement.
One of the most important laws of Physics is that “Nature loves Symmetry”.
One of the realistic and important law. Are we following that? Well, “YES”
You see, Symmetry means to divide things in order to gain stability.
More Symmetry, more options, more stability and evolution.
Whenever Humans are in need of something, they invent and make themselves higher.
Of course, Nature supports it. But aren’t we overdoing it.
Is Nature showing the signs, well if you pick up a newspaper these days. It will show you everything.
Landslides, floods, deforestation these things were not so common in the earlier days. But now they are everywhere.
So yes, we are overdoing. So who will stop it finally? Can we do it?
Yes! Anyways even if we don’t Nature simply will. It never unfollows the rule. If we humans cross the limit, then these simple things will appear every day. To take what we call as “Revenge”.
Let’s Talk about it clearly.
So, the population of all countries are increasing tremendously which in turn results us to increase the resources also too meet the need of this increasing population. We are clearing the forests, cutting trees and moving the animals away from their natural habitat and then we are settling there. And we talk about discrimination! Well it simply looks like we are doing tyranny with them just because we have more power now.
Doesn’t Nature have the same upper hand on us.
We make dams to control water, we have scientific machines to predict the upcoming weathers. We even have the power to control it! Sorry but we don’t have this one!
Even being one of the most advanced city of India, Kerala was destroyed by this event that happened almost 1 month ago.
Not only in Kerala, 5 years ago, in Uttarakhand floods, the casualties were very high.
Outside of India, the floods are common in Japan and United states.
In 2005, there was a flood in Canada, a flood so devastating that almost every one was highly affected.
The reason I am putting more pressure on this is about the everyday landslides that are happening in India, right now.
We all know that media only covers the news in which people have more sympathy towards the dead one rather than the people who were luckily saved.
Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir ,Kullu manali and many other hill stations in India are everyday affected by landslides. Is Nature giving the signs that she had enough of all this injustice. Is this how Human civilization will end.

Are we safe because we are inside our home away from those places. Don’t mistake this thinking, no one is safe in the big picture because if we continue with this recklessness and keep ignoring the signs of nature she surely will show no mercy for this mistake. As I said, she has the upper hand on us.


Well, the first thing we can do is to not ignore the fact that we are not alone in this world. Birds, animals and everyone has their own lives. We can’t just go and take their homes. Accept this facts first now.

Second one is also simple but requires active participation of all of us. All of us must plant a sapling. Well it isn’t that much hard. Take a plant, water it everyday and when it grows, it will return the favor.
Yes, it is true that we can’t stop the building constructions, AC running everyday and many more but this is the simplest thing we can do to compensate the damage we do.
Try to be a giver rather than a taker and see the world around you change.
Everything is a negotiation. Everything is a little both of give and take.  -Lamman Rucker

I Hope you like this article and I welcome every comments and ideas from you.

Please share this to everyone to warn them about this upcoming turn of events.
Thank You.

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