I want to convey my feelings to this matter which have been in my head from some time.

The following part is from the anime Naruto and I’m conveying this account only to make a reference to my topic.

You may skip this part if you want!

The 4th Shinobi World War has ended. Madara Uchiha has lost, Hashirama goes towards him.

The conversation be like :-

Madara: Hashirama is that you?

Hashirama: Hmm

Madara: I guess neither you, nor I could achieve what we wanted.
Hashirama: It’s never that easy. Our job is to do all we can while we’re alive and then bequeath the rest for future generations to accomplish.
Madara: So naive.. as usual. you.. were always.. the optimist. But perhaps.. that is the correct path. My dream.. was squashed. But your dream.. still lives on.
Hashirama: We were both too hasty. We didn’t need to fulfill our realms ourselves. it was more important to cultivate those who would come after us, to whom we could entrust our dreams.
Madara: Which means I would’ve failed anyway. Since I’ve always hated someone.. standing behind me.
Hashirama: When we were kids, you once said we’re shinobi and we don’t know when we’ll die. And that for neither side to die, we’d both have to reveal what’s inside of us and pour each other drinks to toast like brothers. But we’re both about to die. Right now, we can drink together, as war buddies.
Madara: War buddies.. huh? Well.. I guess.. that’s okay..


Now let’s start,

Recently I researched on the WWI and WWII. The story left me a huge impact on me. That era was hardest for all people.

So I thought why war started even at first when we all know it’ll be destruction for all people. I read the journeys of people survived in WWII and damn, it was even hard to read.

According to me, war is the society’s biggest biggest failure, to protect the people of the earth. Sometimes, we are so much caught up in this Nation, that Nation. We forget that we all are human beings. Believe me, I feel no difference between a people of different nation and me.

Why does humans like to kill other humans. I searched the internet and got a conclusion that it always happens due to reasons like food, land, water, and minerals and revenge and religious and due to civil reasons.

I don’t understand why can’t we all share the things we have with each other! Why can’t we all be a little kind? Is this the real meaning of development, that we all become heartless as we grow up. If this is going to be like this, then seriously I don’t see point in development.

I seriously thought at one time, that religion was for the good of people. To make them follows a certain rules to live but I never thought it will be such a big reason for war. Why we can’t live a life quietly? Why we have to poke everyone’s belief? Religion is not a thing we are born into, it is about being born into a group of people following certain rules for living which our ancestors thought will be a good for us.

Well all I want to ask from this entire human race is PEACE. Can’t we all follow the ideology of treating others like a human instead of treating like aliens, slaughtering and discarding them fearing that others will feed on our resources. I know that today the era we’re living in is the best from all the time since this earth has formed and I proudly say that I feel LUCKY to be born during this era and living through this peace. All I want to ask is not to disturb this peace but will my and many other’s wish will be listened by others? That only time will tell!

What I feel is the only way we gotta have peace is to drop the two nefarious things that we have in our mind “ego” and “attitude”. We should prefer to be kind and generous. Slowly by slowly these behavior are going to change the world in a better way!

I believe that we can bring the change we want in the world by changing ourselves, so do you??

Thank you so much for reading this and share it if you like the message. Again Special thanks to Aditya Raj for giving help.