The Grandfather Paradox!

Do you know what the tittle means? It is an anomaly thought by many theorist who think of traveling through time.

Let me explain in easy words: Suppose you traveled through time to the past. In the time where your grandfather used to live. Now think by some incident, someone killed your grandfather.

Now suppose, you want to return to your time or according to present(Grandfather’s time) to future(Your time). How will you return? because now as your grandfather is killed, your father wouldn’t have been born and as your father, you also wouldn’t have been born.

This is a big confusion isn’t it? If you know little bit of math it would be easy, suppose you start solving a equation and by time you also got the solution. Now, think you want to check the solution by putting it in the equation and somehow, the equations has been changed. So by this they solution wouldn’t have any value isn’t it?

The solution wouldn’t have any value just like us when we change the past. So, we are anomaly at this life. This is the thing which is still confusing many scientists all across the globe, if somehow this problem is solved.

We will be able to travel across the time and we will find all the missing pieces of how the earth came to be or how the Universe come to be?

So, let me know how you think how of this post and if you have any idea of it, please share, I will be waiting. Check out the wikipedia for this.

Thank you for reading and until later, Sayonara!

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  1. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t want to travel through time out of curiousity. Surprises are not half bad. Though, that is a very interesting topic. I wonder if someone has already travelled through time and came back.

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