Is this abyss worth living through?

A new and different idea, just thinking out of the box to be a little different.

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Maybe for changing the mindset of people.

Who knows, how did humans appear, Maybe in the form of unicellular organisms or in the form of Adam, Eve? We haven’t seen how we began, all we know for sure is present.

So many kings, soldiers and other people appeared before us; walking the earth in the same place as we have. Did they have the same thought as well or they just walked through road without thinking?

We are here in this world walking the same road as our predecessors left out for us. Have you ever thought about the problems faced by us are only happening with us? Had nobody ever faced those problems?

If you think you’re alone to facing those problems then you’re wrong. There were people before us and will be coming after us. We are unique but not alone. Why did nature give us such a prominent place in this world? And why are we so special, why are humans so special so that they can turn the tide of nature, while all another being can not.


Maybe Humans can be the most complex things that nature created. We can’t go out of the earth yet we can look at places beyond the earth, determining when did the universe would have formed, or how could we have been formed as soon.

There are so many questions out for us, almost in every field. Yet we are stuck in our base. What if, all of this is a play and we are the actors in it, playing the part that nature has decided for us. If you think properly you will find the relation.

Let me give you a plot. A normal life that we live in this society may seem happier to people who have faced harsh life situations, whereas for people like us, who have constantly lived in this, may not like it at all.

And this is how the story goes. There are good people, there are bad people. There is the feeling that affects us. People choose their lifestyle. And by the time the lifestyle of one person disturbs another. The strong crumbles the weak. Then with time, the strong start to have arrogance on his power. Spotting this, the weak start to unite now, as they have the common motive. Soon, they overthrow the strong, but soon, even in them, a dispute arises. Thus, a certain feeling arises between the people leads to them having a different path.

So, the one thing common in all humans is that they all have the same feelings. What is different is how they perceive them. Love, hatred, anger, enjoyment, boredness, joy, surprise, disgust, trust and even more. Are these things what that make us run?

So, why did all of us get the different meaning of the same line? Why is it we are seeing the same world different? Why can’t people just look at the same thing in the same way? Maybe, different views create dispute and lead to unhappiness.

But is dispute bad? This is a silly question, isn’t it? Actually what is good or what is bad, nobody knows. It’s all relative to the frame of reference from the ideologies of different people. You can see that how nature is related to physics to the deepest of hearts. I will again give you an example.


Did you see the graph, now think that isn’t our lives behaves the same? Sometimes at the best, sometimes at the least.

Sometimes thinking, I often have the question “What makes us different than other animals in nature”. Well, we also go for the same basic requirements like foods, shelters, and others, so what is the difference?

Well, for this we have to look at the history from the start. Thinking of the history as past we can see. We began as a child entering in this universe, naked and not knowing the meaning of life, not knowing anything, we started journeying. Soon, we started inventing things like fire, the wheel and weapons and tons of other materials for our safety and enjoyment.

Then comes the middle era, in this time the kings had the limelight. They shared the enjoyment, wars were fought, one that would be in the history forever and tyranny was in the rise for a long time. Many human feelings were built at that time only. The people were divided by what work they do!

Then comes the middle era, modernization occurred, making the life of people easier. But that feelings were not over till yet. A division was still on the rise. Men, women, caste, religion these things were the basis of division that will hinder the development.

Even now, when we are rapidly progressing in the tech world, there are still those who think all of this is in vain. Their ideology is interfering with us.

Good and bad all of these are thinking of us after a lifetime of experience. Maybe, the experience is the basis of feelings. Lack of experience causes a person to believe in things s/he shouldn’t.

So many problems, so many injustices, so many revolts, what’s in this world is worth living for?

You see hatred everyday in the newspaper and in the surroundings. Feelings are such a heavy weapon. You know darkness is not absense of light waves as it is just that the electromagnetic waves around us doesn’t lie in the visible wavelength. Pain is a feeling we experience when there is a incompletness of certain things inside us and we feel like it must be there to make us feel potent. Anger, hatred, jeolusy, envy, revenge are emotions that is created by absence of feeling of ‘Love’ towards humanity.

Let me ask you “what is love?”. Well contrary to this generation, love is the heart’s desire to protect someone that is precious to your life or you care about. We all have someone or something like that, isn’t it? Our father, mother, siblings or your friends, your neighbour, a teacher, a passerby and many more.

You see don’t try to be self-centered “Value everyone, I mean everyone that comes in your life, they seem like nothing but surely they can give you something”.

These are things and peoples which make our life going and wonderful. Remember, the journey is more important than the destination.

The heart is a very delicate item. It has a mind of its own, a childish one, which always longes for someone or something. No matter how much older we get or experiences we gain our heart will still be the same loving and regretting to something.

You see, The hole in one’s heart can not be self-repaired or by regretting. It can be filled only by other people’s love. By caring and protecting other. By giving the heart an aim to again be a kid and play with someone. Sure, it will take some time but it is the only way.

So after all, there is a big difference between animals and humans. Animals give their young ones to preserve their species and to expand. But humans, do this to extend their love, to pass their will of fire to the new generation, to pass their dreams and interests and the ideas of future.

Humans are very sensitive being. If only, we would try to understand the feeling of others before doing any action we all will have a better future. There is not a new world, a perfect world. The only world there is where we live.

Try to be happy and let other’s happy.

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