The Unwanted Future(Poem)

Hey guys, as everyone requested this is the 2nd poem that I have written. You can Enjoy this poem on my new and own website also. 

So, We humans are the pinnacle of our race!

But everyday I see a sorrow on our face

It was your mistake, we all shout

But never had the time, too see ourselves

Einstein, Newton and Mother Teresa

Was they good ? I thought

But after seeing Hitler, Osama, Saddam

and North Korea (now a days)

Do We do have a doubt?

Maybe I have a lack of experience on these

Maybe this is the way we should live!

But after learning from John Keating

I really thought, there was a freedom in life

But little did I knew, Humans mind everything

Are our beliefs are so weak

That we get hurt by some punk statement

All of this Ego and selfish act

Turn down on this day, Is this Judgement

That after 2000 years

We do fear war

Is this the pinnacle of our race?

Thank you for reading this poem as I really wanted to take out my frustration on someone and what is better than a good-old poem.

This poem can be better explained at one of my old post.

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Until next time!

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