Too good to be true…

These are some lines I wrote days ago taking in the account of the volatility of time and relationship of friendship because as time passes by and life happens on our way and we meet new people in life and make new friends. But there are some best friends who are very dear to us and we wanna live our whole life with him/her but somewhere deep down we know that thought is ‘too good to be true’.

These days with you are too good to be true,

Such a dream that I want to hold this time,

In my hand like fine grains of sand.

Just like there must be a dawn of a spring sunny day,

These days will also fade into our memories one day,

It’s a pinky promise to you,

That I’ll hold these memories and love of you,

Till my heart beat.

These words are too good to be true,

But I promise me everyday to keep this promise,

And will lie on the death bed next to you.

Hope y’all liked it.*fingers crossed.

Peace. A.

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