Tribute To Indian Army!!!

It was the day of 14th of Feb, the all famous valentine day. The whole of our nation was in good mood when an unfortunate thing happened. That destroyed many of our families.

Militants of a terrorist organization crashed theirs SUV with a bus of the army who were returning towards the border. The SUV contained about 300 Kg of explosives and when that crashed, the whole army bus turned to ashes.

44 army men were killed and many were gravely injured. A terrorist organization claimed the responsibility of this attack.

Even till now, the whole nation is in shock and anger but the people who are suffering the most are the families of the great men.

I never will understand what type of ideology do these terrorist have. Are Human lives so easy to kill? Is there no value to it. The families of those people will now forever cry. What mistakes did they do to see this momement.

There are many people who work for themselves and feed their families but there are some who see the whole nation as their family and even then, they deserved this?

It has been 72 years since the independence of India. But even after all these years the sneaky attacks of our neighbor keep growing. We were the followers of Gandhi, who said to preach non-violence so that one day, even the enemies will understand our feelings.

But isn’t going to far. Why does the one who cares about the Nation’s people and risk their lives have to die?

Even till now, the terrorist are accepting that by doing this types of attack they will go to heaven. Is it true? At some point I used to think that the most expensive thing in human world is a life because it is not so easy to give life rather than to take one!

I am sorry but this time I really don’t have a conclusion because I don’t know whether they will stop or not. Will there be a day when the ruthless killings will be stopped. Will there be ever be a day, when no father or mother have to cry to see their dead son.

I don’t know all of this but I certainly want something and believe me, that is revenge to all those people who pulled up this incident and those who try to harm and destroy the peace of our Nation.

Maybe this is the time when we have to abort our non-violence scheme because as I have seen They are not going to improve at all.

May their soul rest in peace

When do you think people die?

When they are killed with bullets?

Die with old age ? or when they fight in wars?

People die when they are forgotten.

So, never forget these who died to protect us and even now, they are not willing to back down.

Salute to Indian Army!!!

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